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I have hehkuttanut it, how cool it is when these days is a pretty all kinds of merchandise, not just the based band shirts. Of course you can think of, that, for example, the garment can be big, but the characters are the subject of this post is a series, movie and listening music bands. I collected this post a few of your favorite thing for the product and I will present them to a variety of fanitustyylejä traditional kryptisempään.

Clear and the traditional shopping

What I mean is that with a clear fanituksella fanitettava thing is expressed clearly and so that even those who do not know, recognize that this is a fan of the product. In the above illustration, the Star Wars huppari have this kind of, because even though all may not be tunnistakaan The Empire Strikes Back-the text, with a smaller reader Star Wars ought to know. The fact that the band (or, in this case, the movie) name will be announced in the NHL, is the most traditional form of fanituksen. The Hoodie is a fun retro design, so fanitustyyli anyway.

A little information on intensive listening music

Logo patches to a location other than the shirt, which makes this product a little less traditional, even if the identification does not change. The second form of fanituksen is a little information on intensive listening music. For example, in these legginseissä there is no mention in the Star Warsia at all, so combining them with the flick of a series may not visit all. Of course, in my opinion, should be the identification of Darth Vader’s face almost yleissivistykseen.

High-waisted leggings, by the way, what is, at least in my vartalonmallilleni the ideal! In addition, the fabric is so designed, that I could wear these pants, or at least a long shirt or with transparent measures.

The same semikryptistä fanitusta can sense, inter alia, in the back of the jacket, which is Wonderwoman “logo, but that all might not recognize. However, the style of the logo is already such that it can combine a series of images, and through this, its meaning can be, at least, more or less.

Fans of unifying, cryptic shopping

The third fanituksen the shape is such that a fan of the identification of the product requires a really relevant examination. This is a great way to big for those who do not want to use the traditional fanitustuotteita such as clear logos or band or movie names that indicate the products. This is also the best way to identify other equally fanatical fans and bondata fanituksen.

Who will find a fan of the product at the top of the image? Tip: it is on the wrist. To myself, Harry Potter’s world is so familiar, that somehow I assumed that the Deathly Hallows symbol should be easily identifiable. When I used the picture that appears in the Deathly Hallows-the wrist piece and, at the same time, YOLO-text-equipped wrist chain at work, however, no one figured out the gag, because the name was not familiar to them. Deathly Hallows symbol is pretty cleverly invented: it is simple and beautiful, and be able to identify, if not a HP fan. For this reason, it is a clever way to big, not to mention the fact that the jewel is a really beautiful – can I use it at work, and even the official party, and it’s still not a bad style.

Hah, all Buffy the Vampire Slayer-fans realized, of course, as soon as well as Sunnydale High School-the shirt that the puutikun in my hand. This proves that the traditional fan paitakin may require interpretation, and being a fan of the products is quite a lot of jokes. In this case, Sunnydale (Sunnyhell) High School means Buffy to school, and the lettering of the S-väkäset are, of course, a vampire teeth! This shirt is so wonderful, that I can not stand! I still have not in fact been the series over, so good it is. I thought for a long time this shirt, and this traditional Buffy logo for a shirt, but it may be that the State is still the perinteisemmänkin fan of the shirt. Buffy-faniutta can not be too much.

Actually I like all of the three fanitustyylistä and when I got this correctly to reflect on, I actually have quite a lot of one of the fanittavia clothes. The best fan of the products are such that you can integrate into your own style – such as bringing Buffy-shirt, which I have with the skirt, or wearing the watch Deathly Hallows-jewelry, which is suitable for tyylikkääseenkin.

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