What is a Reuleaux Triangle

You know the circle: a figure which the RADIUS is constant. It is the only figure who has a constant RADIUS.

The diameter of the circle is also constant, but this property There is not exclusive to him: there are a variety of figures whose diameter can be constant. These figures are part of the figures of Reuleaux. Here at BusinessCarriers you can get more different models of the product.

There is thus the Reuleaux triangle:

This triangle, if we put it up and did ride would still be the same height

This does not mean that we’ll see a day cars with wheels of this form, but just you can roll things above (as in this picture): you will then notice any more than if they were circular.

In the same way that there are the triangles to the constant diameter, all the figures with an odd number of sides: pentagons, two, etc. can have a constant diameter. For example, the 20 pence piece English or 10 Mexican pesos are two of Reuleaux.

The Reuleaux figures are used when a constant diameters is necessary, but not necessarily a circle.

Coins need this so that vending machines recognize them correctly. They are used also to sewer plates: a constant diameter prevents the plate from falling into the hole.

The Reuleaux triangle is also present in the drills that make a square hole.

The principle of a constant diameter is not the only property that can be drawn from these objects. If we juxtapose two triangles of Reuleaux correctly, a distance between the two centres that is constant and can spin like a gear. And here, there are a variety of possible forms of non-regulieres forms!

These figures are also found in the architecture:

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