Google Purchase Directr, an Application of IOS That Guides Us in The Creation of Videos with Your Storyboards

If a few hours ago we saw that Google I had bought the messaging application with personal assistant Emu now have to echo us of a new purchase by the company of the search engine.

Google has bought another startup. This time it’s Directr, a small creative business a powerful tool that helps the users and companies in the creation of videos thanks to your video editor and hundreds of storyboards on different themes and scenes that will serve as a guide and inspiration for recording new videos. Its application allows you to edit the scenes, adding subtitles, stories and songs.

Directr at the moment it is only available in iOS, with an application for users and the other for companies, which after the acquisition will be completely free, eliminating all micropayments and subscriptions.

It seems the team of Directr will go to work in the team of YouTube to follow helping users and companies in the creation of videos fast and easily. This new purchase price is unknown and if Directr will Android or if Google will integrate is recording Guide and their storyboards in any of its applications from YouTube.

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