Massimo Dutti Sport, Collection Autumn-Winter 2010 / 2011

The fact that a firm has two collections within the Repertoire of autumn-winter 2010 / 2011, says enough about her on an aesthetic level. Why? Therefore very simple: you have the possibility of selling the double if really it offers two different products, focused on two different public and without leaving much of his creative line, something that not all firms can do (do not want to give examples…)

But Massimo Dutti You can be proud of being one of the firms that offer a different product in its collection Massimo Dutti (that already you have here) and its Sport version, In addition latter being a perfect union between the most elegant clothes and dress up with sport style to give as a result a very versatile collection, with clothing suitable for activities requiring more movement (horseback riding, hiking nearby, excursions by e field), with clothing that retains the spirit Massimo Dutti but offers greater comfort and convenience.

Let’s see what that brings.

The padded they will be one of the strong points of the collection. We can find them the vests and jackets, reversible zipper and buttons, so for variety we can not complain. This type of garment, since it is offered in dark colors, perfectly combines with light-colored shirts (smooth or very discrete pictures) or even pole (blue, yellow, pink suit and white).

If you prefer to opt for smooth outerwear, we have jackets in military tones, with little reinforcement when warm but suitable for wear over sweaters or shirts in warmer times…

… either coats with greater consistency, inner lining and again the skin of synthetic animal in the outer liner of collars and hoods. Without being anything exaggeration, it gives the garment a touch more winter and Northern and also keeps the top of the hot trunk.

The raincoats also continue to have its place in the collection. In somewhat clearer tones and materials such as wool, felt or even cotton, we can find two different models which differ only in the length of the shot. V-neck returned or simple, they intend to combine it with jerseys of the signature, point, in light colors and abundant necks)Gooseneck or double).

The closest thing to a Blazer that there will be this kind of garment in which, being most in dark tones (dark blue, Army Green and very earthy Browns), are ideal for take advantage of the scarves (that also offer Massimo Dutti Sport and Massimo Dutti) with shirts in lighter shades to highlight the chromatic variety.

For smaller items we find the point jerseys light colors and button or zipper…

… or in darker tones, but with the possibility of giving greater prominence to what we decide under wear since they have v necks broader.

Pictures on shirts are more than a regular collection, in dark tones combined with white backgrounds, very autumnal and resulting be the perfect complement to vests and jackets of the entire collection by the color contrast that you provide.

In terms of supplements found wallets, belts, footwear enough sport with resistant shoe, waterproof skins enough consistency, and scarves and foulards that you can finish give the finishing touch to the whole.

No doubt is a very versatile collection, with fairly affordable clothes both price as to then be able to combine them with the rest of our closet, collecting as they collect trends for this fall, He has managed to adapt to its aesthetic line and get warm clothing, which Harbor and dress at the same time and above all stands out if only in spirit, with the Massimo Dutti’s autumn-winter collection 2010 / 2011. It is worth going to keep an eye on tents, surely There is something finally fall in love.

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