Band of Outsiders, Spring-Summer 2011, New York Fashion Week

On 11 September, in addition to the parade of Lacoste, presented in New York collection of Band of Outsiders for the Spring-summer 2011. The proposal of the firm is very sport and youth, full of colors (although not so charged or excessive), fresh clothing and much style.

The Poles and the shorts they have been the protagonists of a collection that I liked. In addition, rarely seen in a parade so many proposals male as female. I will leave you to be you that you opinéis.

In addition to basic t-shirts and shorts, inspired hoodies have been proposed in the of Baseball. I love the detail of the moccasins beige and the glasses Lennon style.

They have also presented long pants, all of them remangados strategically to expose ankles. I really like the combination of above a basic tee shirt.

For those who are comfortable going through life, Band of Outsiders has also presented many possibilities, like the pants below the knee or the combination sudadera-camisa. Neutral colors further simplify Assembly.

The notes of color the shirts, t-shirts and Poles, many of them presented have put it in Bordeaux y Green.

In the gallery you have all male proposals that appeared in the parade of Band of Outsiders. What did you think of the collection?

See complete gallery» Band of Outsiders, spring-summer 2011 in the week of the fashion of New York (21 photos)

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