The Best Street-Style of The Week (XXVII): Mensencia in The Fashion Night out

As you already have from Mensencia, on Thursday held the world the Fashion Night Out and Madrid, as it could not be otherwise in no way wanted to miss it. Why was organized the event in which they quote some of the best designers of the current landscape of the national fashion along with a large group of onlookers that deck with your best clothes, took to the streets to discover what that baked in the shops of the Madrid golden mile.

The only downside we found was that the proportion of men and women was too unbalanced (20% – 80%) so get some looks for cover our weekly street-style, It was a really difficult task. But of all the collected we have selected those that best summarized the most urban trends of the night, for you, along with other, equally successful, neighboring city Lisbon.

As I have said many times, the colors are not timeless. The secret lies but do not believe it in the form of bring together garments and accessories that we decide to put on to make the most out-fit. The pastel colors they will remain in the windows during this winter, in garments rather more autumnal as the cardigans or skinny pants, as we can see in this photo taken on the inside of the tent of Chanel.

The military look continues to be imposed as one of the Favorites within the urban styles, and this year that trends such as pads, grey as new black within older garments and shoes men high boot and round tip (style Dr. Martens), they will help to nurture our wardrobe of clothes that supply us.

The polo is gaining momentum and reinvents itself every day. Or with shirt and tie as we saw in the Mercedes Fashion Week, or jacket and Chinese (already discussed it in his time at the hands of Tommy Hilfiguer), it is still a very versatile garment with endless possibilities that there is still enough untapped.

As well said my companion Carlos, the idea of getting a three-piece suit can be an easy way to repay a set for 4 very different situations. The Americans meet perfectly its mission to formalize the looks and, with Skinny pants and shirts (pictures or smooth, remains under your choice), we got a unique style and pretty casual with which to break the monotony.

We can further simplify the look, and with Basic t-shirts and denim jeans, get a simple out-fit, comfortable and half way between the formal and the informal…

… Although the classics, like this two pieces of Yves Saint Laurent, they remain the preferred option for many who don’t mind going out with a more formal style.

From Lisbon comes this another look, in which pictures are imposed on the jacket, a simple, pretty basic style with predominance of neutral tones, with the woven tartan as the undisputed protagonist of the whole, in darker colors and with the clear idea of stand above the rest of shades.

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