3 Tegra Is Already Official. Best Games, Navigation and Battery Management

So far, we have always lived with standard chip Tegra 2, a graphics chip which had a processing capacity and that dictated what capacity was needed to run any applications, mostly games with high quality 3D graphics. Today we can confirm that NVIDIA has announced who will be his successor, and he could not be called in a different way: NVIDIA Tegra 3.

Unlike what was expected, they are not only a quad-core, they will be five, but the fifth will be supportive and will be the principal for the most basic operations of terminals, allowing you to better manage the battery, and will processes as music or watch streaming video, even to 1080 p. For web browsing can reach two cores, and in the case of the games, the four will be activated.

But not only that, since the GPU for graphics will consist with a whopping twelve nuclei, doing that they can run the best without the slightest complication and with total fluidity, a power extra that will serve as a great help to all students who want to make great games for Android. But as a vvale video more than lots of images, we leave you with an updated sample of its capacity

But it will not only be beneficial to play, and that in tests realziadas, you can even tripicar the processing speed of pages with HTML 5 and WebGL, leaving speed comparable to many laptops that will make that we consider us travel only with the terminal

But in addition to power, also will spend less battery when running applications, being the video that most could see reduced their consumption, lowering it to 61%, a number very to consider that it will extend much autonomy.

With all these new NVIDIA has secured a position as a supplier of chips for the vast majority of manufacturers, waiting for other companies showing their progress in the field of processors