3D Printers Invade Toys

The part of Mattel, one of the top brands in the industry, are several, as is being shown at Toy Fair 2016, which began in New York last Saturday and runs until the next Tuesday.

We can start by Barbie, who in addition to three new silhouettes, will now be entitled to ride a hoverboard, from a drone.

To strengthen the technological trends in the last bet, the doll has also gained a new mansion, but in “smart home”, in which voice commands are up and down elevators, turn on lights and turn the oven to cook the next meal.

In addition to the voice-recognition software, the new dream house Barbie brings intelligent integrated Wi-Fi and connects to an application.

Mattel’s bets for this year also by launching a 3D printer. In the light of the original idea, the ThingMaker serves for the kids to do their toys, but 60 years there was liquid plastic and metal molds, now the standards are those of three-dimensional printing, with the right application for iOS and Android with dozens of options, convertible into rings, necklaces, dinosaurs or skeletons, among others.

The set of technological proposals is still part of the update of the virtual reality goggles View-Master. Among the new features added to “reworked” View-Master Viewer DLX are improved optical lenses and connection for headphones.

The toys have also been adapted via Wholevehicles to cover a greater range of sizes. When you get to the shelves next fall will cost about $40.