4 Best Slr Cameras From Canon

As much as we are looking for a camera with x features and functions, even though we like a mark or another, as much as we want to be professionals or beginners, before us to find what is the best camera digital SLR for us should be to do us the following question: how much are we willing to spend?

Normally we found 4 sets of Canon DSLR cameras:




Advanced Professional

Each jump from one category to another superior comes with usually a jump in price as well as the characteristics. A camera Canon professional will cost more expensive and come with features that every professional photographer seeks, but that may be a clog and confuse the novice photographer who certainly do not need them and who will never use, so why pay more expensive?

Canon’s best cameras SLR

I’m going to limit to 4 cameras which for me are the best proposals of Canon for the amateur photographer, and cover all needs and satisfy all budgets. Here we go.

Canon 700 d

Camera recommended by excellence for everyone who seeks to take its first steps in the world of photography reflex. Offers 18 megapixel more than sufficient, options for high definition (HD 1080 p) video, and a flip-down screen that allows taking photos with the most difficult angles. It boasts 9 focus points that will help you guide the auto focus with total precision.

Available at Amazon by 501,00 EUR at the time writing this list.

Canon 750 d

Maintains the folding screen of the Canon 700, among other features, but adds improvements in some aspects: 24 Megapixels of resolution, 19-point autofocus, and ISO values that reach the 12,800, able to shoot any scene by too dark to be.

Its price at Amazon round the EUR 648,00 at this moment (prices at Amazon may undergo fluctuations).

Canon 100 d

A camera designed especially for the photographer who begins to take its first steps in photography. It is one of my most frequent recommendations when someone’s blog asks me for a good camera reflex. In its favor has quite reduced size and weight, something positive face to mobility and to use in every day, all while maintaining some characteristics of a camera reflex of superior: 18 megapixel of resolution, up to 12,800 ISO, Full HD video recording, and a very comfortable to focus with just touching with the finger touch screen.

Its price at Amazon is around the — at the time of writing these lines, making it one of the lowest current SLR to pocket.

Canon 1300 d

If you are looking for a SLR camera to start in photography and you get photographs that compete in quality with high-end cameras, the Canon 1300 can be your camera. Among its features are a powerful 18-megapixel resolution, ISO of up to 6,400, different modes of auto-focus, 9 focus points, and of course compatibility with over 160 goals and brand Canon EOS lenses.

One of their featured “extras” is the Wi-Fi connectivity that allows you to connect to Android and Apple devices and thus control the camera from mobile phone for example.

Right now at Amazon it cost EUR 359,00 as I prepare this article, an unusual price for a reflex of these characteristics.

That’s all for now. I hope that this selection has you interesting. If you know someone can come to well this selection would ask you to share it with him.