4 Tips for Choosing Bedding

Bed linen of good quality can significantly contribute to good sleep per person. Usually linen is the last thing we’re seeing the end of the day and the first thing we see in the morning. Proper bedding is often a matter of personal choice. Today, customers can obtain quality linen from multiple places – corporate stores, supermarkets and online stores. When choosing the perfect bedding it is necessary to take the kind of matter, method of weaving, the number of threads and color.

Tip 1. Choose the Right Material

Bed linen is made from a number of different natural and artificial materials. In the online store will only find linen from natural fabrics – 100% cotton, percale, linen and others. Not available bedding made wholly or partly of polyester.


Cotton linens naturally drains sweat from the body is soft to the touch and easy to wash. Cotton is not usually white and does not form flosses on its surface with time. Its main drawback is that it wrinkles easily. In the table below are the different types of cotton and their advantages.

Cotton Benefits
Egyptian cotton Used fiber length 3.5 cm, which makes the fabric soft unprecedented. Extremely durable. Rarity on the Bulgarian market due to its high price. In the section “luxury bedding” will find linen from Egyptian cotton origin Israel.


Cotton satin


Composed of 100% cotton, more fibers on the surface, than from below, giving smoothness and subtle sheen. Nothing to do with the Bulgarian market satin sheets at low prices that are actually polyester. Less resistant than other materials. Soft and fine texture (like satin).

Satin is a fabric with matte finish and flexible curves and features greater strength, softness and less shrinkage compared to normal sheeting. The structure of the yarn is twisted, the yarn ring. Ranforce has a greater density of fibers, a fine tissue and resistant to washing. The composition is 100% cotton, unlike the sheeting, which is likely to have admixture with polyester.


Cotton and Polyester Do not drain the sweat from the body so effectively. Appropriate combination of cushions and bedspreads because giving them strength and endurance.


Pima cotton Cotton grown in the US, Australia or India. Shorter fibers make the material less soft. In less hardy, compared with cotton with longer fibers. Not available in Bulgarian market.


Supima cotton Cotton grown in South America. Longer fiber pima, more durable and soft. Not available in Bulgarian market.


Silk bedding is naturally cool, keeping the comfort of one night. Silk bedding is hypoallergenic, making it an ideal choice for people suffering from allergies. Best bedding silk is made from t. Pomegranate. “Mulberry” silk, which is very stable. Bedrooms sets of pure silk are rare on the Bulgarian market since the price starts from 1000 lev up. Can find bedding with woven silk at reasonable prices.


Unless it is grown with pesticides, bamboo bedding is naturally hypoallergenic. It is very important bamboo bedding is washable on gentle cycle in the washing machine and possibly dried air as the matter is not very stable. Bamboo is an ideal choice for lovers of eco life. Recently it is becoming more common on the market in Bulgaria affordable.


Polyester-linen is generally the cheapest and most common on the market in Bulgaria. These sheets are rough and hard and do not breathe like natural fabrics, which can cause more sweating and uncomfortable sleep at night. In the online shop not available bedding, composed partly or entirely of polyester. Polyester will find only among some of our other products – bedspreads, duvets, etc. Where he is an integral component to maintaining the strength and integrity of the product.

When choosing fabric for bedding, it is most important to take into account the individual needs of people as any type of material has its advantages and disadvantages.

Tip 2. Pay Attention to the Number of Threads

With the exception of silk linen, with everything else, the higher is the number of threads, the higher quality it is. The number of threads can vary from 50 to 350. Producers reach these figures by aggregating the number of threads that make up the fabric (vertical and horizontal) per square centimeter. The higher the number, the softer and more durable is the tissue.

Tip 3. Do Not Forget the Way of Weaving

The way to weave linen determine how to gather the threads together. It is important person to clarify what are the desired characteristics of bed and then choose that way of weaving that meets these criteria. Below are the main ways of weaving linen of Bulgarian market.


Linen, which has the same number of threads from below and from above. Extremely hard and soft. High-end bedding.


Just like fins ranforce has the same number of threads from above and from below. The difference between the two plates is that ranforce using a smaller number of threads per square centimeter.


Satin weave more threads from above than from below, making it soft and tender to the touch, but also weaker.

Tip 4. Choose the Right Color

People react differently to different colors. When choosing the color of linen it is important to look at the same light that is in the bedroom, as different fabrics look different in different amounts of light. Different colors have different effects on occupant of the bedroom. For example, the colors of pink and purple range associated with creativity and fertility.