4 Tips to Keep Lingerie in the Right Way

There’s always one day we wake up inspired to choose new lingerie, isn’t it? Is to renew your energies, impress someone or just to innovate in parts, we love pick something that has everything to do with your personality and style.

But let’s face it, you always have a bra or panties that is our baby, that fits perfectly on the body and that we take care with all affection, eh? Yes, regardless of being a new piece or more antiguinha, you need to take some care in time to Save lingerie, so she stay beautiful for longer.

Select special tips on how to keep Bras and panties in the right manner. Come and see how simple it is.

1-Organizing the lingerie drawer: separate parts

The first step is to keep panties and bras in separate drawers (this facilitates mainly if you have padded Bras, because they take up more space in the drawer #fato). Separating the pieces, it is possible to have everything organized and to open up a small space for new lingerie. Another detail: you will be able to show everything, without losing time searching for that underwear that combines with that BRA, you know?

2-panty Tab is great solution!

Yes, the panties is excellent to keep the drawer in order. Even more because the panties is a malleable piece that can easily be folded or rolled up. There are several types of separators, dividers and even boxes, just choose what fits best in a drawer or closet.

3-bra requires more careful

The bra is a piece that should not be folded, as it can warp and lose the format (and it’s not what we want, right?). So, take some care with lingerie:

  • The correct way to keep the BRAis fitting a bulge on the other (that goes for other parts that have bulge as tops, sweaters and more).
  • Never turn the pad away.
  • You can still save on hangers or as pictured below.
  • Avoid placing heavy objects on top of the BRA. In the suitcase, for example, seek leave him above other pieces, or even in a separate bag. There are some models of BRA that already have a case for keeping it, is an excellent option to conserve lingerie.

4-Let the luscious lingerie

How about letting the perfumed lingerie? You can spray the perfume on your favorite parts, or even leaving the essence in sachet in the drawer. So, you’ve put your lingerie with the smell good!

Like the tips to keep lingerie? Have any other suggestions about the subject? Tell us, we’d love to share information with you!