5 Good Rules to Wear Leggings


There are many women who like to dress in a way young, practical and modern and in their wardrobe is so easy to find the leggings, also called ‘underpants’ or ‘leggings’ because of their soft light weight and particularly adhesion to the skin. Often, however, he made ​​a mistake: to replace them with normal pants or jeans. We should always keep in mind that it is a leader who very much end the figure and which consequently does not hide any details of the body, especially if you select certain colors and designs. Here, then 5 good rules to be able to wear it without making mistakes.

Choosing the Right Fantasy

The leggings fantasy are certainly beautiful and cheerful, but we need to think before you buy denim pants: Who has legs ‘plump’ or not too slender and loves the lines, should always try to prefer vertical ones, which offer a much more slimming effect than horizontal, certainly more suited to lean women or very slim!

Always Match the Leggings with Other Leaders

As has already been explained in the introductory step, this particular head comes from tights and as such the resulting effect is that of a sort of ‘second skin’ and therefore tends to hide nothing to the imagination: it is good then wear it under the skirt, short dress, long sweater etc: in knowing how to dress in the right way, fashion and good taste should always shake hands!

Do Not Make Mistakes with the Fantasy ‘Tartan’

In recent months, the tartan fantasy takes on a great protagonist place (this is similar paintings drawings to those of the typical Scottish kilts, as you can see in the picture) is quite risky to choose it over leggings but if you really like it, it is advisable to opt for squares of small size and of dark color, since the lit colors and lives tend to weigh and swell the figure.

Pay Attention to the Mid Leg Leggings

Who attends a gym and decides to wear leggings that reach the calf is a good choice: in this way can surely to be even more practical, but those who love them to mid-leg at other times too, must always remember that this model tends to ‘cut’ the leg and thus not the rushes at all, even with shoes with high heels!

Leggings to Match the Right Shoes.

They say the fashion experts: leggings are perfect when they are shown off to matching them with heels or boots to ankle boots and are undoubtedly admirably suited to even put up with a couple of stylish sandals and decorated for the evening or with the dancers, but it is not never good to use them with court shoes.