5 Style Rules for Wearing a Cap

Caps are practical and we always feel at home when we put one. It does not matter if the cap will only stay on our head on the way to work: the simple fact of being with it brings security and comfort to any routine. Many people believe that the cap is a transgressive piece and therefore does not follow style norms.


The cap is not limited and it does not get caught up in the rules of fashion and therefore it is the favorite piece of so many people. + Caps: best occasions and good pieces to match + Simple Tips for Using Caps Do you think so too? So, we have some news that can shake you: the cap, just like any item of clothing, is part of fashion. His attitude and his desire to convey through stripped pieces his unconcern with fashion, incidentally, is a manifesto of style. We have already talked about the importance of being well dressed for your career and for your personal life. Wearing the right clothes, with the right cut and the right accessories will leave you extremely confident and make you convey a pleasant image. If the cap is part of your personality, you also need to know how to use it in the best possible way so that it conveys a positive image about you, not negative. To help you, we separate 5 style rules shared by experts:


It seems synonymous with style to walk around with the sticker of the brand stuck in the brim of the cap, but it is not – no matter how crazy you are by the company. If the team that signed the cap or if the brand you like wanted the information to be permanent, they would have sewn it instead of putting it on a sticker.


Just like clothes, the caps need to fit on your head and should not get too tight or too tight. Wearing a larger cap that falls on your forehead may seem legal, but it is not. Finding the perfect size for your head is not so difficult, since you can regulate the circumference at the time of dressing. You can get the same stripped style by wearing a straight flap cap that sticks firmly in your head, so why ugly with a bigger number?


The cap has a clear function: protect your face from the sun and, when the flap is behind, protect your forehead from sweat. Of course, just like every piece of clothing, the cap may just be a fashion accessory, but let’s not forget about its basic function or ignore it to the point of getting its meaning completely out of hand. Why wear a completely crooked cap to go out on the street? In addition to not being visually pleasing – the proportions of your face are messy and the result is not at all attractive, the crooked cap can make your face tan on one side and the other on the other. That does not happen overnight, but try wearing a cap like that every day for a few months and you’ll be amazed at the result.


Beauty: Do you like a baseball cap with a rounded brim but you have a very round face? Then maybe you’d better bet on a straight-up cap. Of course you can use whatever you want, but when it comes to visual harmony, it’s best to seek balance. Long faces, for example, match well with caps thrown back. Fainter faces, though, do not look so cool with straight flap caps: in this case, the best bet is a baseball cap or anyone with a more rounded flap.


You know that classic story of the boy who wears a Ramones shirt but he does not even know a song? Do not be this kid. Do not wear a team cap if you do not support it – no matter how hard it is a team out there that few people know about. When someone recognizes, or, worse, when someone cheers for the team that is on your cap and you do not know anything about it the weather will be pretty boring. So do not risk it! Lastly: do not be afraid to show your style to the world. As much as you work in an office whose rule is to wear a suit and tie, you can wear your cap on the way or even at lunch, the important thing is to feel good and not lose your essence. CHANNEL: Style TOPICS: Hats , How to use , Tips , Style , use

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