5 Tips for Your Life Bracelet

Hello guys!!! Everyone knows that the bracelets are a way to store memories, mark special dates, remembering moments and symbolize our dreams, all this through each pendant that we’re choosing and putting together the story of our life at this jewel. But, are there any tips for mounting your bracelet and let her even prettier!! Check it out!

TIP 1: the choice of the BRACELET

If you don’t yet have, choose your bracelet. Many people use several in the same arm or mix materials, for example: you can have a bracelet of silver and other colored leather, looks great! The Love Pendant, for example, has several different models of bracelets, has leather, nylon, rigid, silver in soft, silver with heart clasp, lockable with zirconias and golden.

To know the size bracelet corn-fed right for you, simply measure your wrist and add 2 to 3 cm the size measured. For example, if your pulse has 16 cm, 18 cm or 19 cm bracelet is the ideal because these cm will ensure that bracelet didn’t stay tight after the trinkets are placed.


Start with a theme helps you in choosing your trinkets. Some examples of theme can be: “things I like”; “Family”, “Travel”, “Animals”, “Nature”, “girl stuff”, “Love”, “good luck”, etc. Just use your creativity!


Many people choose all the trinkets they like, but I don’t think the composition of the bracelet. But that’s not a problem, it’s super easy to let your bracelet even more beautiful!

The trinkets type ‘ pendant ‘ (those who are penduradinhos), always need ‘ tabs ‘, ‘ muranos ‘ or ‘ trinkets ‘ between them, so that one does not stay on top of the other. A cool tip is the separators and muranos are always placed in pairs so that the bracelet be prettier and homogeneous.

TIP 4: put on the BRACELET COLOR

You can choose a base color for your bracelet, for example: white, pink, blue, red, silver simple.But not necessarily you need to choose a primary color, can choose various. The muranos generally help a lot in this part, as well as beautiful and give a face more beautiful your bracelet also serve to make it more colorful and can be used as separators. 

If you like shine at any time of the day or do you want to increase your strap to wear at night, invest in trinkets with applications of zirconia, which in addition to color, give glamour to the composition.

TIP 5: locks and SAFETY CHAINS

To facilitate in time to open the bracelet, it is important that she have a lock or security chain, which does not leave the trinkets. Some brands of bracelet comes with locks and chains, but if your not already, worth super to invest in these items.

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by Janine and Melina