5 Tips to Fly a Drone Safely

There is Enrique Iglesias with the things that fly.Bad luck, for starters.

A few years ago, he wanted to symbolically give the public his newly won Seagull Festival Viña. He threw it and the sharp-pointed trophy hit the head of an attendant at the event. Now, he came up with the idea of ​​singing to the DJI Inspire 1 camera (the one that appears in the main picture of this note) in full concert in Tijuana, for which he took the cuatricoptero directly with his hands.A bad maneuver and a wound was done on the fingers that will force to operate it.Here is the video that records the accident.

Let’s agree one thing: poor Enrique betrayed the excess of confidence and the desire to give more to his fans. However, the heir of the great Julio must have had something in mind: anything that flies at high speed will have something dangerous, even if it is minimal. No matter how beautiful toys look, remote-controlled helicopters and quattro-optics with cameras require care when handling and flying them, as they can become a risky object.

If you already bought your own or already put the money and you were afraid of what happened to the good Enrique, calm. Here are 5 tips to safely fly a cuatricopter.


You already bought it? Before you charge the batteries and start flying, look what you just bought. It has thin blades that are going to spin very fast. It is a device that flies thanks to these propellers, if they are turned off it will go down like everything that rises thanks to the relentless force of gravity. Requires a space to take off.

This seems obvious, is a necessary step for you to recognize the following: you are before a useful tool, a beautiful toy to have fun. But just like an electric drill, that a circular saw, than a pneumatic nailer, can cause damage if you do not use them with care.


Behealthybytomorrow prepares a checklist of all the things you must do before the drone takes off. You should at least consider the following:

  • Do you have to calibrate your drone before you fly? Read the instructions very well to know what you need to calibrate it. Do not fly without doing this action.
  • Do you have drone batteries fully charged? Never fly with batteries half charged. The same applies to the remote control.
  • Did you fix the propellers well? Some appliances require you to use tools to fix them, others need only turn them to firm them.
  • Are the propellers in good condition or are they bent? If you do not think they are right, change them for others.
  • Is the drone chassis okay? Does it have cracks? Make sure everything is secure.
  • When was the last time you checked your drone wiring? A poor cable can cause you to lose control in flight.

Although not large appliances, ideally you can fly with sufficient comfort.That means that, depending on your pilot skills, you may need ample space to take off the aircraft and fly it with ease.

Avoid flying them in densely populated areas or where there are groups of people.While they are usually safe devices, you are always exposed to a “fly away” (an erratic flight where you lose control of the device) or directly to a fall.In the same way, avoid flying in sectors where there are cables for electricity or telephone because, in addition to crashing your drone, someone may be incommunicado or unable to watch the TV.

Eye to what you add to your equipment: make sure that any accessory you want to put (including the camera) is approved or certified by the manufacturer.Some standards have some aberrant requirements (hello, Dan 151) like forcing you to install a parachute, when not all cuatricopters can have one installed.

Any oversight and, at best, you can go to immortality in a video like these .At worst, you can hurt or even kill a person.

Therefore, since at some point you are going to land, take into account the place where you are going to make the maneuver to get to land.Make sure there are no people at the chosen point.And avoid taking it with your hands while the propellers keep rotating.


Although you can fly on cloudy days without major problems, you must pay close attention to the experiences that others have had with the same type of apparatus that you have.

There are some devices that have performed poorly under bad weather conditions, even more so if you add stormy winds to the clouds. No matter how good devices are, a big gale can take the drone a few meters or drop it.

Many of the drones are not waterproof, so flying them in the pouring rain shows a clear interest in breaking your toy because you are already bored or deliberately want to have an accident.

Watching solar storms as they influence communications greatly. Many market quatricopters also work with GPS, connecting to satellites, so poor communication can cause problems in flight and make you more of a fright.


This is just like being an airplane pilot.The more flight hours you have, the better you will do.That’s why you should look for suitable places to train without problems.

If you are a little afraid to arrive and fly, the Aerofly RC 7 Ultimate Edition can go to your aid: it is a radio controlled craft emulator that includes a drone like the DJI Phantom, probably the most popular of the cuatricópteros that They fly.> In the simulator you will be able to acquire the necessary skills and then test them in your brand new device.

Remember: even if it’s a luxury, be your adult fun, a drone is not a toy and must be handled by a responsible person, who knows what he is doing and the consequences of any risky act.