7 Advantages of Cassette Air Conditioning Systems

For those who are looking for versatile equipment that ensures optimum cooling and also allows the direction of the air, the unerring purchase is the air conditioning cassette. The unit has two units:  – Evaporator: whose installation is done within the environment; – Condenser: is outside the site. These two machines basically work to suck air and transport it from the inside to the outside, filter it, cool it (or heat it) and return it conditioned to the environment.

Want to know 7 advantages of buying an air conditioner cassette?

1) The unit does not make much noise. This is because the condenser unit which causes more noise is on the outside of the property.
2) Easy installation. Count on the work of a licensed professional, who will install your product in a few hours.
3) The evaporator can be placed on the ceiling or the environment liner. Thus, there is a more even air distribution and gain space.
4) If you choose to embed the evaporating unit in the lining, the model will be discreet, since its structure will appear little. It is ideal for those who do not want to have modified decoration due to the installation of an air conditioner.
5) This model features air of drivers and therefore allows direct cooling to a certain space.
6) Because of its power, the device is indicated for large and medium-sized environments with large flow of people. Recommended shopping areas are over 40 m².
7) In addition to the cold cycle option, you will find the model in hot and cold versions, an air conditioning apparatus that can be used all year.

Get the ideal air conditioning

Before buying your air conditioner, it is recommended to know the amount of BTUs (British unit used to measure the cooling capacity of a unit) that will meet your needs. To make this calculation, you need to footage of your space. Do not know how to calculate the BTUs? Learn how to calculate BTUs here.