7 Applications to Learn the Flags of the Countries

Check out our selection of applications to learn the flags of countries in a fun way

Hello, readers!

Technology and education have been working together for a while. Therefore, the use of the Internet, either by computer, tablets or smart phones, to learn educational content has grown.

Thinking about it, we have selected a series of applications from Necessaryhome to learn the flags of countries, about capitals or geographical curiosities for those interested in the subject.

Such applications can be used in geography study or just for personal entertainment. Therefore, we have the seven best-quoted applications for users to download for Android or IOS completely free. Check out:

1.Guess the Country!

Challenge yourself to guess the names of countries and see how many you can recognize alone or with the tips you will get by the game. Don’t be afraid to ask for a hint, if you’re in doubt on that flag you don’t know. The game features more than 120 flags with a wide variety of difficulty levels. Share with your friends and see who can guess more flags with or without hints, you can use the Facebook sharing feature to request help.

2.World Flags Quiz

In this quiz, users will have the possibility of playing solo or challenging friends over the Internet. As well as the first, it allows you to learn in a way that expresses the name of the flags of each country from all over the world. With the alternative system, the application varies in up to 10 levels of difficulty, being 23 flags of countries per level, totaling 230 flags of the world for you to learn. The results are counted in a ranking in the network and the user can always go over and challenge the friends to play. There is also the possibility of gambling with the flags of each state.

3.World Flags

In this game, in addition to guessing the flags of the countries, you can also deepen and try to learn about the flags of the capitals of each country. The specific focus of the quiz, are the international flags, but there is also the possibility of playing the wanted of national flags. If you prefer, you can also opt for the regions, such as Africa, Asia, Europe, America and Oceania, and play with the flags of the States of each of these countries. With the rating system, you can always try to overcome each time you enter this application.

4.National Flags of the World

In this application, the names of all the countries in the world can be learned. They are more than 190 countries that you to improve your knowledge about geography. In addition to multiple choice tests, spelling the name of each country and the mode against time, ranging from easy difficulties to the hardest. The application helps to learn the flags, because there is a whole modality of hits through the flags of countries and states.

5.King of Flags of the World

In this application, to become a “king”, you will have to go through the four difficulty levels, starting in Prince and rising level to each surpassed challenge. In it you will be able to divide your knowledge by area, clearing the five continents. Once you’ve overcome the challenges, you can become a geography expert. The app counts with a recent novelty, a worldwide ranking system. You can compete your knowledge with the people around the world.

6.Capitals and Flags Quiz

Test your knowledge by discovering the flags of capital and countries around the world in a fun and practical way, because, in addition to the standard mode, you can discover the world’s flags in the form of a questionnaire. In addition to the standard game mode, there is no way to deceive, in which the game ends in the wrong first answer, there is also the mode against time, where you will have a period to find the highest number of possible flags. This game is entirely in English, that is, it will help you revise your English and, moreover, you can review a bit of geography in a fun and dynamic way. Break your own records and challenge your friend or family in this application.

7.Flags of the World Quiz

This application is also in English, so once again, you will have two challenges in it, besides knowing the name of each flag, you’ll also need to have a prior knowledge of English to send well in the replies and test your knowledge. It has 8 difficulty levels and counts with a hint system that you can use to kill charades. Have you ever heard of the flag of Dominica or Gabon? Do you remember the flag of Wales? In this application you’ll train the English. A good challenge for those who need help in both subjects.