7 Day and Night Looks

You know those days when you have an event or special dinner at the end of the day, but don’t have time to go home to change clothes? Here’s how you can use the same look in two times. After all, nowadays there are many versatile pieces, to fit more than one context.

In addition, ezinereligion provides some practical solutions that can be used to transform your visual, fast and successful:

  • Retouching your makeup with powder and blush. Take the opportunity to highlight your eyes (smokey eye) with dark tones or metallic; or the lips, applying lipstick in a tone alive:pink, red or orange. There are make-up kits with miniature produce, which can carry on bag
  • Attach the hair, making a ponytail or a bun
  • Renew the perfume before leaving
  • If you like to use casual footwear and comfortable during the day, take advantage of the opportunity to take some high-heeled shoes or metallic sandals in a bag
  • Carry a clutch or a small bag with handles and replace it by the bag of day
  • A belt is a quick alternative to make your look more elegant. Take the opportunity to use a flashier model, above the blazer, Cardigan or dress
  • Nothing better than change the look with accessories, as well as being lighter, small and easy to carry give a personal touch. A colorful scarf, a maxi-colar, sophisticated earrings, a bracelet with details or ring with a big rock are some suggestions
  • A blazer Tuxedo type also is super chic with a shirt and a pair of classic cut, as well as with jeans for a more casual look chic
  1. Shirt with fur pencil skirt
  1. Suit with jacket and shirt
  2. Black jumpsuit with trench-coat
  3. Dress-Red or black envelope

5-skin Jacket and metallic shoes

6-white shirt and classic black pants

7-Blazer and dark jeans