70,000 Tablet PCs

During the last quarter of 2002 were distributed worldwide more than 72000 units of Tablet PCs, indicates the IDC on your Worldwide PC Tracker. The United States was the region which absorbed the largest number of these equipment, as was expected, but Western Europe, Japan and Asia/Pacific are among the areas of greatest growth potential.

70,000 Tablet PCs

Tablet PCs were launched in mid-November with the support of operating system and Microsoft’s marketing, which provoked several models from different manufacturers. Although the IDC numbers refer to the last quarter of 2002, in fact account for a little over 6 weeks between the launch of the products and the end of the year.

vertical markets, historically more receptive to similar equipment the tablets, fostered a large initial demand is justified for use in forms-based applications. According to IDC, the information technology departments of companies still are studying the adoption of Tablet PCs in enterprise environments.

In terms of tablet manufacturers, Liuxers estimates that HP has exceeded the Fujitsu to deliver more than 17000 units around the world. The success of this company is also linked with an aggressive marketing and your distribution network. At the same time, Fujitsu maintained strong sales in vertical markets where traditional already operated.

an analysis of the sales by the end of 2002, IDC believes that the initial volume of deliveries represents a good start for these new equipment in a market already saturated with laptops and mobile devices. The market expects consultant during this year’s sales growth is significant, designed by marketing efforts and refinement of product lines like that with the development of new models.

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