8 High Tech Gadgets

This post is dedicated to “Nerds” to invent technologies that can be eccentric, but today even will soon be a reality in the campgrounds and trails tupiniquins.

Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter System Clean water with the ease of just filling the flexible bottle and squeeze the water through the filter. Comes with 3 bottles and is ultra lightweight and compact when empty.

Petzl E+LITE ® ultra-compact emergency headlamp This head flashlight ultra compact, lightweight, weighs only 27 g, but not make ugly. Its lithium battery (CR2032) in the form of button is the size of a button of jeans, but produces a beam of light of 26 lumens and lasts 30 hours. Ideal to keep in the glove compartment of the car, because it can be stored for up to 10 years with the battery inside. On top of that is waterproof up to 1 m.

CamelBak All Clear Bottle Fill the container with water of dubious origin. Turn on the UV light on the lid and shake for 60 seconds to get sterile water. Use a USB port to charge the battery that supports 80 “sterile”. Ideal if combined as “Squeeze Water Filter” to filter before autoclaving.

Handspresso Wild Hybrid This was the most surprising. Is a portable espresso machine. Just pump a plunger on the handle until the pressure gauge indicates the correct pressure, Add hot water and the “sachet” of coffee, cappuccino, chocolate, etc., hold on the glass and press the button to release the air.

BioLite Campstove with Portable Grill Oddly enough, this below is a portable stove with grill for camping trips via Zipcodesexplorer. It has a high heat capacity, because this part of Orange has a fan to “jog” the fire. The most peculiar of this equipment is the source of electric power for the fan: the own fire! He uses a system that converts the temperature difference between two sides of a Board into electrical energy.Exactly the opposite, but using the same principle of refrigerators, electric uses the term “Peltier” effect. It also has a USB port to load some device like a Smartphone or flashlight.

Meet Earl Survival Tablet This tablet is amazing. GPS, Weather Sensor, barometer, thermometer, compass, AM/FM radio/OC/OL, Solar charger, Bluetooth 4.0, walkie-talkie Radio intercom for up to 20 miles, Android OS 4.1 also uses a screen of type “e-ink” to a long battery life. Can connect to heart monitors to record the route along with your heart and still runs several Android applications. Ahhh still is waterproof and can be submerged up to 1 m.

Heimplanet Tent This tent fits in a small bag and doesn’t use sticks. Is supported by inflatable tubes in diamond configuration. Can be assembled in about 2 minutes. This model for 2/3 people weighs about 5.2 Kg.

Victorinox Expedition Kit A Multi tool that fits in your pocket, combining 41 functions including: digital clock with alarm, altimeter, barometer, thermometer and LED flashlight.

Each of the readers have different needs and applications, but I imagine that a number of these items are at least an interesting curiosity.