A Clock Made of Cans

We have shown you how to make a watch made of recycled materials; Today I would like to share with you this craft to make, also, a recycled watch but this time based on cans of drinks!

Show your creativity and decorate your home with this fabulous clock. The necessary materials will be.

  • – 1 wooden box
  • – Soda cans
  • – A clock machine
  • – Contact adhesive
  • – Large Scissors
  • – Painting for wood of black color
  • – Gloves
  • – Small brush
  • – Drill
  • – A sandpaper

We will take the square of wood and if it has imperfections we will sanding the surface. Then we will make a hole in the center of the square helping us drill – we should use a medium drill – Then we will paint the surface of the wood with black paint, we will let dry.

With the cans, well washed and free of residue, we will make squares and rectangles of different sizes. Wear safety gloves to avoid cutting yourself.

He thinks that the more variety we have of colors, cans, much more attractive and attractive we will have the job. Try to collect designs from different cans.

With all the cuts we will begin to glue, helping us from the contact glue, the aluminum foils to the wood. From the end of the wood inwards, we will stick the cutouts until leaving a space for the machine of the clock that we have.

We have finished this magnificent watch! Now it is only located in some beautiful room. If we want to hang it to the wall, we just have to put some base behind it;We can also use it as a table clock.