A look at the YouTube Music: Google Video Clips Service Worth It?

I discover that YouTube Music has to offer over other music services

I do not know if everyone agrees with this, but I believe that music is a fundamental part of our existence. In many situations, the music is the soundtrack of our lives, whether you are able to listen to your tunes or just to feel its vibration.

The psychological factor to social, it gets to be able to impact our health and change our way of assimilating the reality of which we are part. Even from a scientific point of view .

Because I was there trying to improve a bad day, watching clips of artists I like on YouTube. Behold skips a message suggesting me test the new application YouTube Music, which is even more interesting when part of the YouTube Red.

I will not go into detail about the technical part of the software, we talked about this in a few posts here the our site. The focus here will be the user experience.

Well, the example of YouTube Gaming, it is actually a YouTube interface that displays video inside a theme, with some additional tools.

Business Card

The main interface presents three main menus: Home, with suggestions guided her taste; YouTube Music today , which features videos that are popular at the time; and the area with their likes, both as lists of individual songs.

There is therefore an automated curation to offer you videos in “stations” that can please you, based on your viewing history and tanned.

Radio or Video?

At the risk of rain in the wet here, I still feel compelled to say: it must be clear that YouTube Music differs from traditional music players in its fundamental core, since the program creates video playlist, not music.

So escapes any purpose to compare it to the likes of Spotify, Apple Music or Google Play Music. Does not make sense. The goal of YouTube Music is much more give you a musical experience from what already exists on YouTube to be a music player itself.

Imagine using it when you want to follow lyrics, or when you want to leave clips rolling in the living room TV during a party, for example.

Engines and Tools

Speaking now of moving YouTube Music and its tools, the new feature that lets you keep streaming in progress even with the minimized app is probably the coolest feature here. It works both on YouTube Music, as you navigate between your music, but also in relation to other windows applications. And it works very well.

With that in mind, I decided to try to further customize this usability and liked what I found. You can, for example, change a variety of videos from a particular station, which from what I understand increases or decreases the similarity between the titles of each of these lists.


Another really cool thing is the mixtapes offline . So … kind of bizarre that business mixtape, which is a term that refers to the tapes that we recorded as a teenager to give away to someone. The film High Fidelity portrays very well the custom of the people who were born before the 90s.

Unfortunately the application has no reference to the tape cassette. It should, for the sake of nostalgia involved. Lie.

The “Offline mixtape” which is intrinsically linked to the YouTube Red, allows you to save up to 100 (or 400 MB file, whichever comes first) in the internal storage unit of the smartphone. So you can listen to and / or watch (depending on your media options) songs whenever you want, even when disconnected from the Internet.

In Summary…

I really liked YouTube Music. It is relatively accurate when you suggest songs, gathers his favorite clips into a single interface (The Voice fans of the show will love this) and has a nice usability. With some minor flaws, it is true:

But I do not see it becoming something that will cause fury among users in general. It is one of those useful apps, which is always good to have installed on your phone just in case. And it gets even better when you play with the YouTube Red. It pays to use without the premium subscription for Google? Honestly, I would say no.