Accessories for Carnival

With that I’m going to samba accessory that you invite me? I adapted a little stretch of the famous music of Noel Rosa “with what I’m going to samba that you invite me?”, to talk about accessories. Fundamental in any visual, invest in their power is even more necessary if goal is to fall into the ferveção of the Carnival with a lot of poise, and, who knows, end up winning the title of the most fashionable and stunning foliã of the party.

Enjoy it, even if it’s not Carnival, the extravagant and stylish maxi mega accessories are high at the time, and increase your production Carnival with them. As the date asks irreverence, fun and too many details and sparkles, the idea is to abuse, mixing several in the same look.

You can use accessories (to complement hairstyles), as tiaras with apply (feathers, feathers, sequins, stones, etc.) hats (hats, strong trend!), colorful silk scarves, headbands, turbans, satin ribbons, Rhinestones, buckles and many others.

Or big earrings and shiny, necklaces made with unusual materials, which mix different elements, make a mix with several jewelry bracelets (large and small) and rings in the same arm or hand; use bracelets, anklets, belts, sunglasses, fun and coloridões, fans (vintage and super trend of the season, they in addition to reducing the heat “from hell” of the summer, they still pay rich), anyway, the order is drop the creativity, daring and visuals that create surprise-by style, of course, not kitsch. So, it’s time to mount the production, careful not to get carried away by the phrase that “Carnival anything goes”. Not worth no Ma’am.

A Carnival look needs to be fun and unusual, Yes, but need to have fitness time to combine the pieces with the accessories. The final result should be harmonious, which favors, highlight its attributes and broadcast personality. And not the other way around-someone who just played all the information on you, was on the street and be what God wants!