Ads Van to Get a Facebook Messenger, and Are Great

As it could not be otherwise, the ads will also reach Facebook Messenger, the Messenger of Facebook application. The first iteration of them is now ready and will begin to show a group reduced from Thailand and Australia users as an initial test.

These announcements will be displayed in the main Messenger screen, the cover, in a manner similar to shown blocks as the Favorites or near birthdays. That Yes, according to the screenshot provided by own Facebook, ads are quite large.

The redesign now sense cobra

Facebook Messenger a few months ago changed the the Messenger home screen design to display content in blocks. Above all are the last three talks, followed by a block with the favorite contacts, birthdays, and users who are active at the time to finish the rest of past conversations.

Now with the arrival of the ads in that same screen, we can get an idea of why they were important. Having gotten the ads between the list of past conversations – as it was before – would have been too shocking, but include another block more the list does not seem so much.

Thus, the current evidence of the integration of advertising in Messenger includes generous blocks include an image, a title, short description and a call-to-action are among the favorite contacts and those who are active at the time. I.e. you will see them often because they are quite up in the window. It is necessary to emphasize the ads they will not appear in the talks itself.

Facebook explains in his blog post hoping to learn a lot from this test and users You can hide specific ads, just as in the Facebook application. This means that if you don’t like an ad, you can hide or bury, but another will take its place.