Advantages of Wall Stickers for Tile

Have you thought about renovating your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room or any other environment with coating without having to go through that crash without end? With the adhesive to tile, this is already reality. There are several models with designs, colors and shapes to give that new touch in your home without expensive works. It is also a great solution for renovating rental properties, you can not reform, but would like to leave a little more with your face.

The Dictfurniture ( help you better understand this trend and gives prints tips, application and advantages. And if you do not find one you like, you can rest assured: you can customize with your picture and create what you want, including mosaics on the wall, just take care to have an image in size or larger than the tile, otherwise It may be distorted. And you know the best? Adhesive for tile is easy to maintain. Just a damp cloth and ready.

One of the most successful prints today is certainly the hydraulic tile. The original was born in Southern Europe in the late nineteenth century and became famous for his prints full of details that create designs and patterns unique.

He returned to fashion in recent years with the vintage trend of decoration, but its price (since it is made by hand), it may endear some works. But it is now possible to achieve this effect a more accessible way with the adhesive for tile, which simulates the effect of perfection and allows various options.

An interesting way to use is to choose a wall for the application, thus enhancing a part of the environment without loading the information. You can also use the adhesive to tile the floor, defining areas or creating the impression of a different path on the floor, creating a retro ambiance.

Adhesive for tile has several advantages. It reduces the costs of reform and allows the creation of unique and customized spaces according to your taste. Its application is easy and can be done by you without spending on labor. Even better, if you get tired of the adhesive for tile, just remove and put another!

When choosing your favorite print, measure your tiles and buy the desired amount. With adhesive tile in hand, clean the tiles so that the surface is degreased. Make a first test with masking tape to see how it will look your pattern and test the site. Liked? Remove the adhesive protective role for tile and stick with care to eliminate air bubbles. Use a ruler to smooth the surface can help ensure a perfect placement of the adhesive for tile.