Advantages of Wall Stickers

Do you enjoy the geek universe? If the answer is yes, you can not put aside that passion when decorating the house. One way to express this passion is to use the arcade icon in the internal or external environment with the adhesive Space Invaders. Launched in 1978, the game has become a hit by Atari and was the first two-dimensional shooter created. Today, in addition to populate the islands of love with retro games it also dictates trend in geek decor.

The Space Invaders sticker goes beyond the children’s room and also serves as wall sticker for kitchen, living room and even the bathroom, giving more modernity to residential and corporate environments.

To customize settings and check style, wall stickers are increasingly required time to decorate and redecorate environments. This is because it facilitates the time to give a new face to the walls, without dirt or hire staff – you can even buy wall sticker and apply yourself.

The greening of the area should be done with careful attention to every detail. If you want to dare the room decor, for example, in addition to furniture and paintings, a good solution to the walls is the adhesive Space Invaders. Can you choose a single character or recreate a game screen.

The Space Invaders adhesive from also applies to those who want to give a special touch to the decor and want something more discreet or a practical solution. Not damage the wall paint, Space Invaders adhesive can give a casual air to the spaces – all without clash with the type of decoration you have at home.

To ensure that the Space Invaders adhesive is a success at home, always follow the implementation of recommendations contained in the package. To avoid damage to the paint, the walls should be painted with paint gloss or semi-gloss acrylic. This allows for better fixation of the adhesive Space Invaders and a more beautiful look.

Another tip to follow is to think about which wall you want your patch Space Invaders before buying. So you avoid that part of the drawing to be hidden or until it is too large or small on your wall.