Alessia Marcuzzi H&M

Today I show you the pictures of the heads H & M ‘s most beautiful and interesting that you will find in the stores these days of November, as always the trademark economic fashion most loved by the stars never ceases to keep up with the latest must-have fashion branded, take a look at gallery and you’ll understand what I mean! Besides, this is a golden age for H & M, collaborations with famossissime brands and successful we are marking the future growth and success, and always remember that we are talking about fine collections but low cost!

In these days is keenly awaiting the new collection designed by Versace, but this is only the latest of many collaborations with famous brands that have chosen to place alongside the economic Swedish fashion giant and in my opinion it is only a further guarantee that the taste and style of H & M collection is truly remarkable, among other things, you will surely have heard that even for the first night of Big Brother Alessia Marcuzzi wore a minidress H & M (and even for a second!). So do not be surprised if you buy a trousers in faux leather, a cardigan, a maglioncione or a vest with matching gloves and hat in wool and maybe the next day you see him them to a vIP of our house or even to an overseas celebrity on a red carpet – you, it happened this, ask Amanda Seyfried!-Take a look at the images of the proposed line for H & M in November 2011 and let me know what you think!