All About Stickers

Tag, label, sticker: all these words may be used to refer to an adhesive. These pieces of paper or plastic stickers can be used in many ways, as there are a multitude of types and models. Living room, bedroom, kitchen, laundry area and other environments too have their scenarios renewed with the application of certain adhesives.

Regardless of which room you are thinking of applying an adhesive, know that the there is room for everyone. Want to know more about each one that ever shone on campaigns by here? Check out the content specially produced to guide you when choosing the ideal adhesive and inspire yourself with the following tips. The ShoppingPicks tells you more about Wall Sticker, tile adhesive, the option for kitchen, car and custom template. Know more!

Adhesive wall

Wall stickers are a perfect idea for decoration, especially the vinyl designs are very unique, and very easy to match with the rest of the spaces. With wall sticker can give a new face to the environment , since they can be applied on walls or even on some furniture. You can choose from geometric patterns , floral or even a motivational message to inspire you every day.

Before gluing on the wall adhesives it is advisable to check whether you can remove them easily some time later. This is especially important when it comes to wall sticker for children or young fourth quarter, as children and adolescents change their tastes and ideas constantly. Therefore, choose to buy stickers that are as easy to remove as to place, so you can follow all the trends in decorating walls without headache.

tile Stickers

Who never fell in love the colorful Portuguese tiles ? A decoration trend in high at the time, this type of flooring brings a cheerful and vintage look to decorate outdoor and indoor.


However, a good original tile is expensive and, as a recent trend, many people may be afraid to invest so much. A good solution to this problem is the tile adhesive. Easy to apply and convenient to remove, it can be purchased online at virtual stores the meter or per unit.

Adhesive Kitchen

You have a kitchen full of glass jars with their favorite foods: pasta, rice, spices and more. To differentiate them, attach labels or stickers to the pots, so that you can have everything at hand and easy to identify. Some types of adhesive may have come up with the instructions for use of ingredients and additional revenue – super convenient!

You can buy decorated stickers or print custom templates created by yourself on your computer. Simply buy sticker paper for printing. An alternative for those who do not want to paste the adhesive directly on the glass or plastic is to create removable labels .

Use cardboard and satin ribbons, fabric or string. Paste the custom sticker on the more robust role, use an awl to pass the ribbon and tie it around the lid. In the case of jellies and jams, you can add fabric covers to potos, giving a touch of charm and warmth to your kitchen.

If you also have cleaning products in the kitchen as bleach, detergents and soap, you can identify them with a warning sticker “Do not touch!”, So that their children can move in safely environment.

Besides these, there are also models refrigerator adhesive which is perfect to customize your appliance with style and practical way!

Car sticker

Adhesive car usually tells us if there is a baby or pet on board. But beyond these more traditional types, you can paste other creative models bumper sticker on your car , as the flag of their country of origin, the shield of his football team, the symbol of your favorite sport, name of the cities you have visited or even funny phrases fender we see in trucks on the roads.

Custom Stickers

If you want to use an adhesive, but not yet convinced about any design or pattern, there is the possibility of creating individualized adhesives and reflecting your taste. There are several companies in which you can create and customize your sticker.

The adhesive is also not restricted to the walls or the cars. We can find models sticks decoration for various objects like laptops, iPhone, refrigerators and even the nails!

The price of an adhesive varies according to their size, type of printing and print. However, just compare models and shops to find the one adhesive that best fits their needs.

Discover the decorative power of the adhesive and create a unique space with him. All your guests will be surprised with your creativity!