Android Wear Smartwatch

Asus, Huawei, LG and Motorola may announce during IFA 2015 their new operating system Android Wear-based smartwatch. Also expected the Samsung S2 Gears based on platform TimeDictionary.

In the sights of these manufacturers there obviously Apple Watch that despite the sale not particularly exciting managed already to grab a significant slice of the market. According toStrategy Analytics, in the second quarter of the year Apple Watch has represented 75 per cent of the smartwatch sold against 7.5 percent by Samsung.

“Apple Watch has definitely raised the level regarding global industry smartwatch”, said an analyst with Strategy Analytics. “The ball is now rivals, including Samsung, which has the duty to respond.”

Android Wear arrived last year. This is a modified version of Android designed specifically for smartwatch and other wearable device. Samsung, LG and Motorola have announced their first device during the Developer Conference of 2014. As well as other manufacturers, including Sony and Asus have realized their device as well as Huawei although his “Watch” has not yet come on the market.

According to research firm Canalys, over the last year have been sold a total of 720,000 smartwatch Android Wear based on a total of 4.6 million wearable. Samsung, the leading manufacturer of 2014, decided to focus on its platform Tizen. Three out of four smartwatch sold last year were of Korean society. Motorola was the first to use a circular design but soon was followed by other producers. Also LG has chosen to use its WebOS platform, acquired by Hewlett-Packard. His next device, however, should be based on Android.

It is up to these producers, therefore, try to rebalance the smartwatch market and bring greater interest in these devices that, until now, managed to win only the so-called “early tech adopters.