Another Vulnerability in The Software of The Samsung Galaxy Note II Could Allow Access to The Browser without Authorization

As misfortune never comes alone software vulnerabilities are multiplied to Samsung, and that if last week we saw a bug that could allow access to applications from the lock screen, today is another security issue that jumps to the fore.

Again the blame has it the Emergency Contacts menu, ICE for its acronym in English, which in collaboration with the window pop-up browser may cause a misuse of this.

This time will it take to reproduce the bug that you have activated the news of lock screen widget and, allegedly, access with safety PIN.

Click on any of the news widget will lead to the introduction of PIN screen, although if we are quick and click almost instantly famous for emergency call It will jump before our eyes a pop-up from browser with the news full that you will need to fund emergency contacts menu.

Again we have a ruling that it is not too serious for our personal data, and is trying to maximize the pop-up is us driving back to the introduction of PIN. However, yes it could cause an attacker accede to information stored in the Clipboard, or could even open accounts stored in the browser or see tabs that were open. In addition, and this is the most dangerous, You may download content or malicious software simple way.

Is clear that is one minor bug, but again it could compromise the security and privacy of users, so Samsung hands must be put to work to solve the problems derived from their famous menu of emergency calls.

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