Anti-Pulling For Dog Harness!

An accessory that is effective for control of walks: the anti-pulling harness!

Excited at the time of the walk, your dog not listening to you anymore! There are many dogs to carry their masters for a ride! But I know what would help them regain control of the outputs: the harness strain, a very popular accessory, you’ll see why.

Description of the Anti-Pulling For Dog Harness

The harness strain is not fixed, like the other harness. Straps adjust according to the pull exerted by the dog on the leash. On a classic harness, once asked about the dog, the size remains stable, as on a garment.

There are several harness models, whose goal is always double:

  • educate the dog
  • without hurting

The harness strain is a very popular accessory because he defends education smoothly, unlike the choke, intended him also to the dogs who pull on their leash.

The non-pull harness

The straps are padded on the inside to maintain a feeling of comfort for the dog even when he shoots. Remember: it’s not to hurt him. The straps slide rings and exert pressure on the shoulders and torso of the dog when he shoots. He realizes that he is going to pull and pays more attention to the voice of his master who tells him to walk to the foot and gently.

The Harness “Highjacked”

For education to make objective miss the dog his opposition reflex that does go in the direction opposite to that to which we pull it. The leash is attached by a martingale on the chest of the dog. When he pulls the leash stretches and rotates the dog in one direction or the other, forcing to refocus on the indications of his master.

The goal of this harness is clearly educational.

Principles of the Anti-Pulling For Dog Harness

Currently, the educational standard is more going to support soft for the dog. We’re looking for her to understand the logic of the injunctions of his master rather than apply orders to avoid punishment.

With respect to the promenade, it is very representative: some will prefer the choke collar, which is an immediate punishment for the dog pulling.

Others will try to create a positive automatism in dogs by thinking about the consequences of his actions with the harness strain without pain or suffocation.

Be aware that the choke, in addition to being dangerous, has very limited effectiveness: as soon as the dog does more, it starts to shoot.

This is not the case with a harness strain.

Benefits of the Anti-Pulling For Dog Harness

Resistant and durable, it is an object that you can keep throughout the life of your dog. The straps are made of nylon and the padding supports moisture without losing comfort.

Anti-pulling harness is a accessory safe and effective to educate unruly puppies, if you choose a suitable size!

Price of a Strain For Dog Harness

It is not very difficult to find on the internet because now, several brands offer. They are generally of good quality and user comments will help you to be sure.

Well measure your dog before ordering your harness: the size is the main criterion of choice!

Depending on the size and model, expect between 14 and €20.

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