App Updates: Quick Access To The Camera And Found Cars

We report today of our most used apps to minor updates. At WhatsApp a camera quick access has been added, the Facebook Messenger and Snapchat have been revised and Google now finds your car now.

Minor updates are about, but still worth mentioning. Improve the workflow, by useful scale buttons and so the different Messenger can be operated even faster.


A new version of the popular Messenger was released on April 28. The version of 2.11.230 can be reached only via the website by WhatsApp. About Google’s PlayStation Store can I download it probably a short time later.

The first small novelty is located directly in the chat window. A new small button is left in addition to the relatively new microphone icon. Photos can quickly be send via this button. With a tap on the icon, it starts the camera directly from the right a photo send can. There is only a limited version of Google’s stock Kameraapp available. There are no options except for Flash and camera change.

The second new feature is the ability to mute groups notifications for a period of 100 years. This should allow everyone to remain undisturbed. Previously, the longest period was only a week. Then you had to disable the notifications.

Facebook Messenger

The Facebook Messenger has received a major update. Recently, Facebook has already announced to extract the Messenger from the normal Facebook app and allow to communicate only through the external app.

The new version 5.0 brings some new features. Users now have the ability to send videos and look at them directly in the Messenger window. Photos can take up directly in the text entry field. Users no longer have to leave the app. Also, Facebook has improved the search for contacts and groups.

Sticker packages can now save a long press on a received stickers.


Snapchat has been completely redesigned and has a chat feature in the new version. The design has been updated somewhat. The navigation within the app is still by wiping gesture from right to left. In the new chat window, you can send a photo with just a tap on the camera icon to the conversation partner.

This like the integration of the gestures. If you let go of the finger on the top half of the screen, then shot a picture with the camera of the skin. On the lower half of one with the front-facing camera.

In addition, there is a new feature that allows you to video chat live with the interlocutor.

Google now

Google’s personal assistant “Google Now” gets more and more functions also here in Germany. With the latest update, the last position of your last vehicle will be shown automatically. This could be a helpful feature when to turn the car on a large complex car park or in a strange place, where every road looks right.

A function for system settings via voice command has also been integrated. This works so far unfortunately only inadequately.

Who has not yet received these updates must wait perhaps a short time. On Android, such updates are issued usually gradually.