Appgehängt: Are These Apps By Ios 6 Unnecessary

David against Goliath

To all developers must expect most who do not work for apple or microsoft. Especially when their software is useful. Then, the risk is great that the manufacturer of the operating system so little even on the legs provides and integrated into its OS. That was already doomed netscape navigator, which put the internet explorer on the wall. The following apps include thanks to ios 6 on the list now also endangered species.

Apple releases ios before 6: New siri functions, passbook, and maps

Navigation software

For months as a rumor, now officially: Apple loosens itself from google maps. That should only bother the internet giants, many small developers but completely blow away. Are the bad news also for medium-sized companies such as garmin and tomtom navigation specialists: You have already suffered the sub optimal google navigation. But who spends 79,99 EUR for garmin western europe or 69.99 euros for tomtom western europe, if apple maps provides the free house? The same applies of course to bosch falk, navigation, NAVIGON, igo primo & co.

Appgehängt: These apps are redundant by ios 6

5 apps to the picture gallery of digital wallets and customer cards
integrating passbook is a big relief for all those who want to have everything in digital form with the discount brand through tickets up to the flight ticket. Unfortunately, others, for example stocard from germany, had awarded the idea as one of the best 50 free apps from apple 2011. Should convince apple now all major distributors and companies by its central solution, ios 6 users will miss the farewell kiss to ensure also the apps by payback and their ilk.

Flat and sharp: Apple’s macbook pro is here


So far entries in the reading were nothing more than angehübschte bookmark list of safari browser. Apps like instapaper and pocket (formerly read it later) occupied the gap. With the new offline reading list of ios 6 digs apple these applications that, for now retains water also safari complete web pages and making them offline available.

Photo sharing

Also for the provider of apps that specialize in the distribution of photos, it will closely: Apple’s revised application photo stream dominates that now. Without going through facebook or dropbox can now pictures collections of individuals or groups send. Kindly don’t even charge the so shared images the online storage space and are represented including rating and commenting ability for windows users as web page.

Ios 6: Rumors and wishes at a glance

10 guesses guide to the new apple OS video chat apps
relative relaxed is the situation for voip-app providers: So far, facetime worked only with IOS and only over wi-fi. That gave a number of third-party applications who cope well with other systems and phones. The new facetime supports at least well mobile networks. Also it combines phone and apple ID facetime calls can accept on a mac. A platform independence of a skype or tango, it is still far away.

No TV presented

Despite ios 6 and new macbooks were present disappointed by 2012. Steve jobs WWDC had in recent years with its one more thing (one thing yet…) continually provided surprises and presented here including 2006 first macbook pro. So many visitors to WWDC expected that apple finally reveals information about his possibly planned TV.