Apple iPhone 5 in the Test

The iPhone 5 is located in the test with good endurance and the best service. A few gaps remain, however, it is a coherent overall package.

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For no other smartphone camp people for days before the shops, no other smartphone sold over five million copies – alone on the first weekend. The true strength of the iPhone is in excellently coordinated and still unmatched combination of hardware and software, dominating Apple inside out. This also applies to the iPhone 5.

Display: Moderately grew

The display of the new iPhone is greater, but Apple remains modest in comparison to the Android competition and that equips iPhone 5 with a comparatively small 4-inch screen. But also it is enough room for a tidy appearance. The right display size is ultimately also a matter of taste.

The retina baptized iPhone display achieved although no HD resolution with 640 x 1136 pixels, has the highest pixel density due to the small dimensions with 326 ppi but still. With the naked eye, hence no individual image points to recognize more are on the screen, content appear razor-sharp and detailed.

Display measurements: Good contrast in bright light

The color space of the TFT display of the iPhone 5 is considerably smaller compared to a Samsung Galaxy S3 with OLED display, for the colors at the Apple phone look altogether but something more natural. The viewing angles on the screen of the iPhone 5 is just a tad bit better.

With over 580 cd/m2 contrast ratio is also very bright TFT screen, very well. And this applies both to 20,000 lux 500 lux as in confined spaces (1:749) as outdoors on bright sunny days (1:39). Moreover, the display reflects hardly.

Processing: Noble, but sensitive

Verschrammte housing, flat paint, and that fresh out of the box: The iPhone 5 has to fight mark start massively with the mentioned problems. Rather, the customers have to fight: the number of complaints in relevant Internet forums about the processing of especially of the black iPhone 5 is high.

User of the first hour have even reported that even units were delivered again with paint defects and a quirks – who scrolls down so much money for a Smartphone, since obviously not amused.

In our test device provided by Apple could not be set but such defects. Our white iPhone 5 is perfectly processed and not quirks or dents, paint defects – everything is clean and conscientiously made.

Housing: material mix of glass and aluminium

As regards the design language, puts Apple in the iPhone 5 on proven: the angular format, the glass front, the metal frame – all we already know from previous models iPhone 4 and iPhone 4. New, however, is the back, which now no longer made of glass and brushed aluminium and one iPhone, as we believe, still gives finer touch.

The downside: Aluminum is a softer material and thus susceptible to unsightly scratches. The housing is as easy as flat and lies in the hand very comfortably. There are no moving parts and no gaps. It creaks and squeaks nothing, the phone looks very high-quality and elegant.

Use: Ideal for the impatient

The iPhone 5 offers a high level of convenience and can be operated with one hand thanks to its handy format without any problems. Since nothing has changed compared to its predecessor.

The iPhone 5 is powered by the new Apple-A6 processor. You can learn more than the names official as usual don’t show various benchmark tests but that it probably is the A6 a dual-core processor, which is based on the ARM architecture and pulses with 1.3 gigahertz. Apple has developed the processor itself, Samsung – made him has given the many complaints with which both groups change over, a piquant detail.

All about the iPhone 6

Anyway, the computing power of the A6 is certainly daunting: in all three Bechmarktests of us consulted for comparison, reaches that iPhone 5 peaks and leaves the Android competition look pretty old. Especially when the GLBenchmark determined on elaborate animations, the frame rate, the tab is enormous.

Even with the touch screen operation, the post going on literally: the display of the iPhone 5 reacts with each contact without delay. No bucking, no hanging, everything goes smoothly and how supple. With the same image at the new Apple card application: even in the 3D view you glides almost smoothly through streets.

Facilities: Partially restricted

The hook first: The iPhone officially ruled the Super fast mobile standard LTE, supports only one of the frequencies used in Germany. And that has only Telekom and that even in cities. The network is so only via WLAN or HSPA +.

The iPhone 5 has no expandable memory. Who wants to save music, photos, videos, and apps on the iPhone, has to worry so thoroughly before buying, which variant of the memory is right. The iPhone with 16, 32 or 64 GB internal memory is available, appropriately but also its price – by 679 789 on 899 euro rises. Truly nothing to sneeze at.

On the subject of online store Apple opts for his service iCloud, which is seamlessly integrated into the iOS operating system. Every iPhone user gets 5 GB without time limit free available, if you want more pay 80 Euro per year for 15 GB 16, 25 GB 32 and 55 GB. For this, you can shift for example, photos, documents, music, apps, calendar, contacts, and even complete system backups in the Web store.

Camera: Very light sensitive

The iPhone 5 is equipped with an 8-megapixel camera and delivers excellent photos with vibrant colours and almost optimal sharpness especially on sunny days. The images are on a rainy afternoon during the test but not intoxicating, but nonetheless appealing for our taste. Despite moderate light conditions, the recordings present bright and well lit.

Also in artificial light, the colors are strong. It’s too dark, even the small photo LED can perform no miracles. The noise rises again and is clearly seen. Full HD video (1080 p) succeed wonderfully sharp and color fidelity.

Like to experimented not really coming in iPhone 5 at his own expense. The menu of the camera is greatly reduced; There is no manual brightness control or recording modes. The camera itself takes over all settings. Unpack, turn on, pull the trigger is the motto here. To get from the lock screen directly into camera mode, it wipes the camera icon on the iPhone vertically upwards. To rotate images or to tailor work, however, without additional app. Also, the iPhone 5 features a red eye correction.

iTunes, app store & co.: A closed world

Also here has not changed: who uses an iPhone, moves in the Apple universe, buying apps on the app store by Apple-controlled and multimedia titles in the Apple iTunes store. The free sync software Apple, iTunes is responsible for any exchange of data between iPhone and computer.

No matter, whether photos, videos, contacts, or calendar – everything iTunes exclusively through the central point. The iPhone just connect via a cable to the computer and slide back and forth via drag-and-drop files, does not work. With one exception: Images stored on the iPhone can also outside copy of iTunes on the computer – vice versa is not possible.

A bit more openness and transparency would be desirable. The interplay between iPhone, iOS and all of the built-in Apple services works smoothly but – and this is the secret of success of the Complete work of art iPhone.

iOS 6: iPhone navigated a bit

The new version of the operating system iOS went 6 at the start with the iPhone 5. Visually, not much has changed, Apple continues to focus on the more static, but very clear for this app menu. All installed applications are listed in a grid structure; You can group together thematically in folders and organize in any order.

Cribbed from Android Apple has the pull-out in the upper screen area of status bar. With the iOS has 5 introduced on its iPhones. iOS here missed or upcoming events such as calls, messages or meetings, but also current stock quotes and weather info lists clearly and chronologically.

In iOS 6 has Apple integrated its own maps service including offboard navigation system – and thus put a veritable false start. The map material is incorrect, points of interest are not up-to-date and the sketchy satellite views. The navigation itself works as a whole while properly, the Yankees failed off Apple with its new cards but at least from the start.

In the long term the trend is both for smartphones slowly but surely away from the pure touch screen operation, to more language and gesture control. Apple has made in the course of iOS5 the beginning of sophisticated voice control Siri. Siri can say, for example, the Federal League results of the last game day, read news and weather and not only search for restaurants in the surrounding area, but there also just book a table if the restaurant offers the online booking.

Laboratory measurements: Good endurance, moderate signal

We have determined the battery of the iPhone 5 mAh with 1479; the endurance during continuous use is less than five hours. This is a very good one, if also a superior value. At the end of a labour-intensive day iPhone very likely demands fresh energy.

Not convince could the iPhone in terms of transmission and reception quality. In the UMTS network, it truncates extremely weak with only 18 out of 30 possible points. GSM reception, there are 22 of 30 points – an acceptable value. The sound on the phone is good. Also street noise is the sound still in order, in the pub, it is already tricky.

Conclusion: The total package right

Those looking for a high-end Smartphone, which can be more easily operated with one hand, can’t find anything better at the moment. The best moves that iPhone 5 on 3rd place, offering paroli, which due to their size, always a great battery mitbrigen the Android devices with big screens. Clear: Even of the iPhone 5 is partly restricted and in some places, the competition is technically superior. But not a Smartphone can be better controlled and offers a so coherent overall package…