Apple Iphone 6: All The Rumors At a Glance

Update (05.05.2014): A mockup version of the iPhone 6 is to see iPhone 5 S for the first time in comparison with the. The Italian side Macitynetcorresponding images and a video of pictures has put online last weekend. The mockup of the 4.7 “version makes it clear that the next iPhone could experience a complete redesign. The video with the comparison is there at the very end of the article.

Update (22.04.2014): the “Phablet” Variant may appear until 2015 It reported gforgames on the Taiwanese commercial times among others. Therefore, the delay of 5.5 is “-iPhone 6 problems in the production of the extra-thin battery.” Instead this should be only 2 mm thick as usual 2,8 / 2, 9 mm in the Phablet gemunkelten as “iPhone air”. The production of batteries makes the suppliers according to the report said difficulties, which is why the publication of the device might be in the next year.

Update (17.03.2014): The iPhone 6 can be neatly gas.

because the processor to 2.6 GHz clock. At least an old acquaintance claimed (see entry below), the Australian blogger Sonny Dickson on Twitter. The A8 chip would be thus twice as fast as the A7 processor predecessor. Also, the next iPhone with an “ultra-retina” should display be equipped that ppi resolves with 389, and be only 5, 6mm thin.

Update (13.02.2014): role backwards, the images are just renderings by Martin Hajek was detected in the Reddit Forum . Transferred the fingerprint marks on the pictures, which had already used in other renderings Hajek have him well. So the blogosphere went again a famous graphic designer on the glue.Hajek had caused a stir already something less than two years ago with an iPhone 5 rendering, distributed among others by Gizmodo as a real image.

Update (13.02.2014): It is so far, first alleged pictures of the iPhone 6 are circulating on the net.

They come even from different sources. One of the Twitter user mornray886 (see left), one from the website of a certain Sonny Dickson (see below). The other question is whether these are real, of course, even the good Sonny doubts a little it, and even if it is probably first prototypes.

Larger & ALU case

However, these photos confirm at least the rumors that the next iPhone could be far greater than the previous one. Mornrays image the front point out on a very thin edge of the display, while the reverse image of Sonny à la iPod touch suggests a silver aluminum case.

Can we surprise us, until the release is still a few months in the country come and probably many images leaken.



Update (21.01.2014): increases the likelihood of XXL-iPhones. Such as writes, could a 4.7 “version of the Smartphone this summer in the shops come a 5.7” Variant, however, in the autumn.

This information has the page by the Chinese analyst Sun Chyang Xu. Interestingly to do not change the resolution of the “smaller” model compared to the iPhone 5S, but remain at 1,136 x 640 pixels. Thus, Apple would for the first time to deviate from its “retina” strategy at the resolutions (the pixel density would be only 277 ppi) – what I think but for very unlikely. But we just wait it out.


Source: Patently Apple

Update (16.01.2014): may be you can fold the iPhone 6. At least Apple has filed for a patent for appropriate “flexible display devices”, Patently Apple has found out. Therefore iPhones as well as iPads and iWatches might have in the future a hinge in the Middle, making the display in different positions and angles can be folded.

The screen can be, for example, at a 90 ° angle, so that left and right different contents are represented here, for example, two players can play against each other or different apps can use. That the patent at the next iPhone is used, but is considered unlikely.

Original message from the 11.11.2013: the next iPhone might come with curved screen. Thus, it should

two different sizes give 4.7 and 5.5 inches. In addition, Sapphire could play a more important role.

The presentation of the new iPhone team with the Apple iPhone 5S is just


iPhone 6 concept; Source: Gonçalo Madureira and João Madureira / ConceptsiPhone

two months ago, as the rumor mill around on the possible successor models bubbling again. So it should be of the Apple iPhone 6 give supposedly two variants with different display sizes. According to Bloomberg news service, the next iPhone should have a diagonal of 4.7 and 5.5 inches, which would make the iPhone much larger than the previous models. This would have a one with Apples plans familiar person put the portal. The last “jump” was of 3.5 inches, as for all iPhones up including Apple iPhone 4S was common on 4 inch at the Apple iPhone 5.

The competition, the flagship models have arrived since last year beyond the 4-inch border. So, the Samsung Galaxy S4display has a diagonal of 4.99 “, the Sony Xperia Z1screen measures 5” and the LG G2 has even a 5.2 “housed display.

A concept of an iPhone 6 4.6 inch diagonal you can see at the bottom as a video and screenshot links.

Curved & sensitive display?

The size of the iPhone 6 screens should be but not their only distinguishing feature compared to the of its predecessor. The display glass “bent at the corners down” so be it. Recently the first smartphones were published or presented, the Samsung Galaxy Round and the “Bananenphone” with curved displays LG G Flex.

Finally, the touch panel of the iPhone 6 should identify with what intensity the user touches the screen. The devices are according to the informant but anyway still in development and the plans were not yet completed. As the release date could expect but 2014 with the third quarter.

Sapphire for $578 million

More rumors surrounding the material of the next Apple smartphones. So, the company builds just a manufacturing facility in Arizona, in which the partners should make GT advanced technologies Sapphirglasprodukte. Proud 578 million dollars have invested in GT advanced Californians what again is to pay back the company through its products Apple over the next five years, as including TechCrunch reported last week. Already in the iPhone 5S the most scratch-resistant material is used. So, the fingerprint sensor and the camera by Sapphire Crystal is protected.

As TechCrunch has speculated that Apple could use thinner layers of the material as display protection than is the case with the previously used Gorilla glass. For the resistance of Sapphire shall be higher than that of Gorilla glass. Ultimately, that could lead to a further reduction of the weight.