Apple macbook air 13 “(MC965) cheap macbook air?

For normal consumers, apple’s white macbook is no longer available since july, 2011. Now, the company has banished the last non-aluminium model also from the education store. The gap is now a cheaper macbook air version complete.
According to macrumors apple succeeding education offers its customers a highly stripped-down macbook air 13-inch format, which has a leaner hardware configuration as a normal macbook air. A big step backwards!

A variety of versions to choose

A better alternative, however, is the here tested macbook air MC965, which has the same components as the macbook air series SSD out of 128 gigabytes. The little air there for less than 1,200 euros, the larger macbook air MC966 with 256-gigabyte SSD costs, however, around 1,400 euros and is the top model of air Z0ME with core i7 CPU over 1,500 euros.

Test: Macbook air of upper-class

Upcoming revision of the complete product line

From industry circles was to hear, apple will 2012 fully revise its product lineup. In addition to the well-known 11.6 – and 13.3 zollern extends california manufacturer product line to a new model with 15-inch display.

Faster, thinner, apple: New macbook in april?

Ultrabooks: Current models at a glance

16 devices overview: Ultrabooks now already foreseeable: From mid-2012 put in all new air macbooks of then intel’s latest generation of chips the ivy bridge. Since these are available for recent messages only from the end of april and in a second stage of expansion in june, is still the previous sandy bridge processor in the usage

Sandy-bridge power, but less graphic performance

The core i5 is the core 2 duo in the macbook air 2010 is by far superior. The speed advantage is rich 60 percent on average. In graphics performance, the thing but have very different looks: The 3D performance in conjunction with the intel HD 3000 by up to a third lower than with the geforce 320 M in the old model. You must not expect current games the air. For older classic, the graphics of the intel processor is good enough if not necessarily in the maximum resolution.

The macbook is loud

Don’t get apple combination of fast processor and flat housing without any problems: Under load, the fan in the macbook air 13 turns on quickly and roars with maximum 3.8 sone that sucks on duration.

Lifestyle factor : Ultrabooks design check

new: Illuminated keyboard, SSD and thunderbolt
to come four gigabytes of memory and a fast SSD with 128 gigabytes capacity, which incorporates apple on a pcie card into the system. The latter ensures completely silent impressive access values. Also for a quiet conscience: A hard drive death due to mechanical failure no longer exists.

The interface developed by intel in cooperation with apple, thunderbolt, which forwards backwards compatible all the signals takes place of displayports. The only apple and used a few devices manufacturers thunderbolt – universal interface can all possible hardware components in series dock.

Thunderbolt: The fast all-rounder

Top models: Tablet PC news 2017

16 tablets tablets see dave helmly shows in the tech demo on a macbook air, how is possible to edit videos in full 4 k resolution. Some tools are needed to realize that, all communicating via thunderbolt with the macbook air. So it is quite possible to provide only small computer, which primarily have a fast CPU and memory on board. Hard drive, fast graphics card and other peripherals can then optionally modular thunderbolt connect.

Still contained the usual interfaces such as two USB 2.0 ports, bluetooth 4.0, 11n wi-fi, an SD card slot, a head sound output and a built-in webcam. It is missing but the USB 3.0 technology, the gigabit LAN wired network connection and an optical drive. The backlit keyboard is new, as macbook pro users know. It facilitates the writing under difficult lighting conditions. It is also working with the current operating system mac OS X lion.

Mac OS X lion the lion is going on!

Details: Apple macbook air 11 “And 13”

23 technical details product overview open

More space on bright display

High screen resolution: Whole 1440 x 900 pixels of compact 13-inch screen displays. The gained space facilitates the daily work. An additional display is not absolutely necessary. The 13.3-inch reflective display truncates the measurements slightly worse than the screen in the 2010 macbook air. Readings: Instead of 396 cd / m ² was the brightness at the current air only 327 cd / m ². 921-1, the contrast ratio is also something low.

Much longer

With its integrated intel graphics solution is the macbook air on a significantly longer duration under mac OS X than with the at that time used geforce graphics. The macbook air runs 13-inch average 44 minutes longer than the 2010 model. The test unit lasted over four hours of video playback. Who uses the installable via boot camp windows 7, get less runtime by around 20 percent. Here lack the special drivers for the battery-saving features.

Conclusion: Apple macbook air 13 “(MC965)

Switching on the 2011 model is worth. Significant advantages in processor performance and the term face a darker display and significantly weaker graphics performance. Who has still no macbook air and traveling more for office and surfing as to gambling or for complex media processing uses his laptop, get with the new macbook air a chic and lightweight subnotebook.

Review conclusion: What you should know

With its aluminium, the macbook air is a class of its own: Simply perfect design. But also in terms of performance, it has a lot to offer. His core i5 processor made pace when working properly – compute-intensive tasks, the fan buzzed but quite noisy. The display has a shiny surface, but still only little reflected. Operating system: Macbook air works not with windows, but with mac OS X lion. Who owns windows or buying, can also install it. This product at amazon order pro high speed wifi 2.4 and 5 ghz keyboard lighting much SSD storage counter at full load slightly according to mark of the editorial 2.57 satisfying user rating now evaluate alternative: Toshiba portégé Z830-10 K.

Toshiba ultrabook comes in a beautifully styled magnesium housing that makes a rugged impression’s not the perfection of an apple macbook air emits but. Who wants to surf on the go, this can also via UMTS. Also super: Wi-fi radios not only on 2.4, but also on 5 gigahertz. This is useful especially in urban areas, because the 2.4 frequency is often overloaded. The sandy bridge processor core i5-2467M provides together with the SSD for high pace of work. When working, the battery held around three and a half hours, during the playback of movies about an hour longer.