Apple Opens the Door to the iPhone Day

Arrived the day milhões users from around the world expected. He who have nicknamed him “the iPhone day” will have the high point at 6:00 in the afternoon u.s. time-when all the Apple stores and the nearly 2000 of AT&T open doors and begin selling the phone.

Apple Opens the Door to the iPhone Day

Considered by many to be “an object of worship”, the iPhone will be received first by the hundreds of users who camped outside the retail outlets for several days in the hope of taking home equipment today. Not the prices charged by Apple scare the most enthusiasts who are already lining up to buy the phone since the early hours of Monday.

This behavior led the company of Steve Jobs to establish a set of rules that should be followed in 164 stores open brand for the launch. Between the standards is the inability of a customer to purchase more than two mobile phones or be entertained if it is outside the helpline in order of arrival.

As in situations involving the release of a featured product, several consultants analyzed the behavior of the public face of the arrival of the iPhone. ComScore reports that the Americans have flooded the search engines with more than 6,900,000 of queries about Apple’s cell phone and about 274,000 iPhone related issues per week since Steve Jobs announced the release on your Macworld Expo.

the search for information on the product can be indicative of success to be achieved in the market. Still, IDC questions how far all this media attention will be synonymous with a sales volume capable of supporting all iPhone-related atmospheric.

One of the negative factors cited by the consultant is the retail selling price of the equipment. Despite all the capabilities of the product, the $499 and 599 dollars required by the 4 GB and 8 GB versions, respectively, are, in the opinion of the consultant, high, which could mean that, after the initial period, the sales volume of the equipment will stagnate.

it should be noted that associated with the price of the equipment in addition the value of contracts signed with the Areacodesexplorer, which, according to Apple may take the price of the iPhone to $3000, a value that combines maximum cost with the loyalty contracts. The carrier announced this week that the contracts provide for the supply of different types of communications plans, whose fees vary between 60 and 100 euros.
remember that the iPhone, in addition to combine the functions of an iPod with a cell phone, allows users to access the Internet, watch television, take photos, access the contents of YouTube or Google Maps, among other tasks, everything from your three-inch touch screen.

the phone should reach the European market later this year. Still not defined which the operator responsible for the release of the equipment in our continent although, for now, are ongoing talks with Vodafone.

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