Apple Watch Series 2 Gets Release Date In Brazil

New version of Smart Watch has integrated GPS and model in partnership with Nike
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Apple Watch Series 2 Gets Release Date In Brazil
The Apple Watch Series 2 already has a release date in the country. The smart clock, which now has integrated GPS, comes to Brazil in October 28. The new version was presented in September and shows that the company really wants to get into the fitness market. In addition to the GPS be the main novelty, there’s still a model in partnership with Nike.
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The Apple Watch Series 2 dispenses with the use of the iPhone in practice to record pace, distance and route, as was necessary in the previous version. The watch is also water resistant up to 50 meters and 50% processor faster than Series 1, heart rate sensor and double brightness display for easy viewing in bright sunshine. The app will receive update activities and, after the race, it will be possible to analyze FOB watches, on the Watchtutorials, their speed variations during the course. Are several options of bracelet and three choices of material for the box: ceramics, aluminium and stainless steel.
Nike +, edited in partnership with the sports brand, prioritizes the race functions and was presented as “your best partner in the sport”. In the basic display, the display will show only distance or pace, but you can switch to the advanced option, with more information. The bracelet is made of light material and resistant and has dozens of holes that enhance ventilation. Are four color combinations.
Nike + still one up on motivation. Notifications like “we’re going to run today?” will be sent if the person is many days without training, the day is pleasant for the race or the watch notice that a friend is running in the region. You can also schedule your runs to receive reminders on the day. And, with the Nike + Run Club, you can connect to other runners and share their records.
But the price of all this technology? At least R$ 2,999, but there are versions up to R$ 8,699. The Nike + R$ out 2,999 (38 mm) and R$ 3,149 (42 mm).