Apple Watch : the Production Is the Smart Watch

The cheapest model of the Apple Watch, which Apple Watch sports in the 38 mm version, goes for 349 dollars over the counter–costs but only a measly 83,70 dollars (around 75 euros) to produce. $81,20 of which accounted for material costs and $2.50 on the actual Assembly.
The market research company IHS according the Apple Watch that is the Apple products with the biggest margin – the production cost a quarter of the retail price didn’t even amount. To determine the value, IHS has dismantled the Apple smart watch in their items and adds the value of all individual components.

Tim Cook:Invoice not begin correctly

While Apple similar Calculations for usually without comment is, is there a comment from Apple CEO Tim Cook to the current Bill. In the Telephone conference for the current quarter figures, Cook said he had seen yet any such bill that was even remotely accurate. Not are taken into account the development and research costs in such bills around.
In a second point, Apple is contrary to the data provided by IHS:Luca Maestri, responsible for Apple’s finances, said the margins of Apple Watch were lower than the average margins of Apple products.  (dom)