Apple Watch Video Parody

US comedians have inspired by Apple’s product innovation and parodying the iWatch in the style of the typical for the group promotional videos on YouTube. However, the idea of Healthbook seems almost certain at the WWDC.

Three minutes with the fictitious iWatch

“Unimaginable, that in this design, a battery has square – and he keeps a whole hour in stand by mode”: pull with marketing slogans like this actor on the still unconfirmed iWatch from the House of Apple. The YouTube channel of Matthias, known for his parodies of tech advertising, have been infected by the WWDC fever and jokes in his recent video post features the Smartwatch.

In the spot, throw the actors with Buzzwörtern to get and try to explain the fictional “iSync” technology. Overall, the nearly three-minute video of the joke illustrates how useful – or pointless – could be the iWatch.

Healthbook coming on Monday?

It is increasingly unlikely that the tech company really introduces a new wearable gadget at its developers Conference WWDC on Monday. However, the introduction of the health platform “Healthbook” is virtually certain. She will form the basis for all health products in the software update iOS 8 integrated platform that Apple wants to build in the future.

The presentation of the Localtimezone might also reason why Samsung last week hastily presented its own platform for the segment – Simband -. The competitors want to provide developers with its technology the basis for fitness and health equipment. A similar concept could be behind Healthbook. Apple itself has so far confirmed the existence of this application, nor that of the iWatch.