ARCHOS Is Ready to Make The Leap to The Smartphones Android

The French firm ARCHOS It is no rookie in terms of consumer electronics is concerned, not in vain for years that their media players and other devices have been well received by users. In recent times the Android tablets have occupied much of their efforts, although it seems that they are already preparing its landing in the smartphone market.

So far has always nourished their catalogue of devices with good price/quality ratio, hardware not latest generation but of good quality and very competitive prices. So it seems that they will be the first smart phones of the company, that as rumored will be presented at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

ARCHOS 35 Carbon ARCHOS 52 Titanium ARCHOS 48 Platinum
Screen (inch) 3.5 5.2 4.8
Resolution (pixels) 480×320 800×480 1280×800
CPU Cortex A9 Cortex A9 Cortex A7
Number of cores 1 2 4
Frequency (GHz) CPU 1 1.2 1.7
RAM 512 MB 512 MB
Storage 4 GB
Other MicroSD, Dual SIM MicroSD
Battery 1.500 2.200
Android 4.0 ICS 4.0 ICS 4.1 JB
Launch April, 90 euros April Mayo, 249 euros

As we can see, all three models will call is 35 coal, Titanium 52 and 58 Platinum, where the numbers indicate the screen size and the material tagline specifies the range of terminal hardware.

Obviously, and although the claim would cover the three ranges of the market, specifications of the devices let them between the mid-range and low-end, as you can see, although we are talking about fairly attractive devices your hardware is not pointer.

Processors, are apparently signed by MediaTek in all three cases, and perhaps the RAM is scarce to seen in the latest versions of Android.

Indeed, talk of three simple terminals and that will have very attractive prices, dedicated to complete the catalogue of ARCHOS where until now only had tablets with Android operating system. Interestingly, it is the same movement of the Spanish BQ with its Aquaris.