Asics Gel-Fuji Trabuco 2 Trail Running Shoes

He participated in the diagonal of Fools and Treg. Jean-Marc Delorme took the opportunity to test a pair of shoes: Asics Trabuco Fuji 2.

The Tester

Jean-Marc Delorme

Height: 1m87
Weight: 86 kg
running the practice for 15 years
5-6 workouts per week

Marathon: 3:07
Half Marathon: 1:20
Trails: 3:45 p.m. CCC, 39h Diagonal crazy, Marathon des Sables, Transalpine Run, Ultra Indian Race, UTMB, 73 raid etc …

Test conditions

To perform this test, I traveled around 600km with mostly training in the mountains on highly technical tracks (but also very varied terrain such as sand and mud) and competing on the diagonal crazy and Treg .

As for the weather, it was variable, ranging from dry to wet and muddy weather.

The test

My first reaction: the look of the shoe is rather nice!

In practice, like the previous model, the Fuji Trabuco 2 is very stable and reassuring in all technical paths, through its DuoMax technology presents several models of the brand.
These shoes are very comfortable and breathable, even on very long trips with a high temperature. They behave perfectly well in the most technical descents, they are accurate and not too wide which allows a fairly rapid adaptation. Note that the lacing is very nice. On the ascent phase, there is really a very good performance thanks to studs placed at 90 °. The grip on rock and scree still reasonable although for my taste it deserves to be a bit further. Finally on dirty surface, it does not “fluff too,” the evacuation of the mud is done correctly.

Another plus: the plastic insert placed on the old model at the head of the metatarsals and could hamper or even create small injuries, was withdrawn.

The cushioning is perfect and very well distributed on the shoe. When the dynamism, it is okay, but it’s not the most dynamic model in the range!

Now we come to the problem! After training with three different pairs I had to pick several times some spikes of the sole and the front stone.Definitely a bonding failure at the plant …

That said, it is my only downside for maternity footwear that is and remains for me an indisputable reference in trail running and ultra trail.


I would recommend these 2 Fuji Trabuco both for training and for competition. A privilege: the outlets on road in forest and mountain. This model seems suitable for all profiles: from beginners to experienced riders, and for any type of stride.

The profile of Asics Trabuco Fuji 2

Brand: Asics
Model: Trabuco Fuji 2
Weight: 360 gr 42.5
TOU:  trail, training and competition
type of stride: Universal
Price: € 120
touver your pair of Asics Trabuco Fuji on

Technologies used: 
Cushioning Gel:
 on the heel and forefoot. To ensure comfort and protection. 
Construction Monosock:
 on the top, to prevent dirt and debris from entering the shoe. 
External Heel Counter:
 for a custom fit.
DuoMax: for maximum stability.