ASUS ZenFone 5: OTA Makes the Phone Unusable, Attention!

In recent days the ASUS has released a firmware update for one of your Android smartphone, the ZenFone 5 (which we reviewed last year and received Lollipop in July 2015).Unfortunately, something must have gone wrong and have increased reports of soft brick of device-translated, once you start the upgrade procedure is not successful, leaving the phone in a completely unusable. The device is unable to complete the boot sequence, continuing to reboot endlessly.

ASUS ZenFone 5: OTA Makes the Phone Unusable, Attention!

The update version number has indicted, and it is unclear whether it concerns all the ZenFone 5 or only a few units. The official forum of ASUS there are four threads about it, with multiple users who confirm the problem. When in doubt, if you have the update notification, you should leave it alone, at least for now. Asus has already confirmed to be aware of the problem and working on a fix, as indexdotcom indicates.

If you have already run the update and you are in trouble, know that all is not lost. You can reset the device exactly as it did before without losing any data stored within it, but one has to fiddle around. We bring you the procedure to follow; If you don’t feel capable, reported to a friend more expert this page (or the original discussion in English on the official forum ASUS).Note that there are other procedures that speak to downgrade to an older firmware that work too, but you will lose the data.

  1. Download the ZIP file of the update indicted,
  2. Extract the files boot.img and recovery.img
  3. Boot the device into bootloader mode and flashate the two files using these commands:
  4. At this point start the device in recovery mode, and using adb flashate full firmware:
    Now there remains to reboot your device normally and have a little patience. It could take around 10-15 minutes (we are plentiful) because the device begin to show signs of life, showing the word Android is upgrading. At that point you’ll know that things got resolved.

If you have trouble you can also ask at our forum: ASUS modding section