Audio Lab 8200AP + 8200 X 7 in the Test

3D-fähigem HDMI Audio Lab launched its surround preamplifier 8200AP up-to-date. How are she reflected in combination with the amplifier 8200 X 7?

Audio Lab has a moving, almost 30-year history. The components were sold in Germany under the name Camtech long. TAG McLaren acquired the company in 1998, and then created the first Surround components.

The DAY McLaren AV30R and 700 form the basis of the test duo from the Audio Lab 8200AP AV amplifier and Multichannel power amplifier 8200 X 7: 7R. Who were eingefu about a decade ago? without prejudice, to a time when there were no High-definition images or digital multimedia interfaces , the Blu? drawal of DVD of with Dolby Digital and DTS “normal”.

Since 2003, is called the brand audio lab again and belongs to the international audio Group (IAG) in Shenzhen (China), just like other prestigious brands, about Quad, Wharfedale, Castle Acoustics and mission Luxman. And so very slowly come again stand-alone developments and overpowered upgrades proven models from the English development.

Audio Lab 8200APund 8200 X 7: Construction

The 8200 X 7 with their powerful seven amplifiers has been hardly a modernization – she also hardly needed. Smart: It has no power switch. She gets a switching signal (trigger) of the precursor or to use the adjustable two-stage in their sensitivity sensors, start up the power plant, when music comes, and sleep puts again after a few minutes of silence, similar to that at subwoofers normally is.

At the preliminary stage nearly everything has changed, what does not belong to the pure audio path, and that’s good. In the previous version of the test device, she had already lost the analog video signals. As the old Board from DVD times was not HD-ready, she had to make way. The only relic of analog video times is the OSD output, on which only the on-screen display can be seen. Dafur, the current version of 8200AP has the second generation a HDMI Board with four inputs and one output. The you? perfected in practice fu? r almost every potential user range. Who has today more than one device with purely analog video signals in the chain? It is certainly no problem to connect it with its image cable directly to the TV and connect only the tone to the audio lab, whether analog or digital.

Who looks at the data sheet of the 8200AP, which is striking that he ruled no HD audio formats from Dolby or DTS , but only standard Dolby Digital and DTS and natu? of course also the Kanalvermehrer Dolby ProLogic IIx and NEO: 6. But the absence of DTS-HD and TrueHD bother in practice not all current decode Blu-ray disc player itself. Must you not even something in the Player menu? set via HDMI of audio lab reports which formats it dominates, the rest does the player and provides high-resolution PCM. Despite its already old base handles the Briton in surround up to 96 kHz and stereo 192 kHz.

8200AP: Functions

Ten years ago was the processor CS 494003 Cirrus Logic the most advanced, what was there, and he does not need to hide until today. In addition to these surround formats, he offers also HDCD decoding, DTS 96/24, Dolby Digital EX and DTS-ES 6.1 formats. A Lip Sync Delay corrected the Asynchronicity in combination with the image processing in digital TVs and projectors. The flexible adjustable Bass Management adapted exotic speakers / subwoofer combinations, and who then still fine would like to tune the sound, which allowed two filter characteristics fu? r select the digital filter of the D/A converter. Who seeks to strengthen just straight analog the direct modes to the backend are? supply in the 7.1 analog input with adjustable levels. You have only really give to MEA computer. At audio lab are, as preferred by the pros anyway, level meter, measuring tape and expertise needed.

The remote control is simple and boasts a logical grouping of buttons and ease of use. Only two things you could hold her: the one you? rften the volume buttons to be conspicuous, and fu? r, a home theater device is missing the button illumination. Even, who is sitting in the dark cinema before the canvas, can handle the remote control but the black keys stand out well from the silver body.

In the listening room , only an externality negatively noticed the testers: the precursor is amazingly 3 mm narrower than the amplifier.

Hearing test

The facial expression of the tester is immediately changed with the first bars from the speakers. The sound character of the English couple leaves is most likely with the word “nippy” rewrite, so playful and this playful left like it with great Dynamics Nents and finest details went around as if it were nothing.

Clock regeneration the HDMI interface seems excellent to work, hardly a sound difference was made between RCA or optical digital cable and the multi media interface. Similarly fu? r the Bass Management, which sound not generated? rchteten Dynamics slump gegenu? ber spu the unfiltered signal path? ren left.

The audio lab dinosaur from the DVD time to prove thanks to u? berlegter evolution with new HDMI Board more than Survivable in the Blu-ray era and show with full and fresh sound in their simplicity and without the modern AV receiver function Madness a relaxing alternative.

Audio Lab 8200AP: The on-screen menu?

The screen menu? the audio lab 8200AP is a remnant of the analog-video section of ur precursor. It seems simple, but this also easily understandable and bersichtlich. Unfortunately, it speaks only English. Most parameters can be u? ber get the wonderfully high-contrast front panel display, but just not all fu? r setting up necessary menu? points. The menu? comes in either PAL or NTSC analog video signal from the OSD cinch socket. Actually it is constructed, overlay on a running video signal as an overlay. After this can no longer come, it stands alone. Problem: Now also no external Synchronous signal comes and the testers managed neither, OSD on a digital TV set or projector, yet u? ber to represent the analog input of a Marantz AV amp. Only that was an old CRT TVs.



Audiolab 8200AP + 8200X7 im Test

Audiolab 8200AP + 8200X7 im Test


Test AV-Kombinationen – Audiolab 8200AP/8200 X7

Test AV-Kombinationen - Audiolab 8200AP/8200 X7