Audio Research Reference 75 in the Test

The toughest competition of the reference components of audio research comes from the House in the form of new, cheaper models with VU-meter. Exclusive test of the power amplifier reference 75.

There was something in the Bush: in may ordered the ru already on the HIGH END?-year audio research export manager Brandon Lauer hinted that would probably soon something weighty new. And no, he you? rfe say anything more, but it was very exciting, and he wu? rde keep me up to date. He did as promised. And what was so cryptically wrote to Lauer, now taking shape: Audio Research brings within its great Reference series a sweep of new components.

Mark: but the ads are same housing size, same quality as at the big brothers and sisters, not more digitally, but – much hu? nice – designed as a VU Meter. The prices should be below of 10,000 euros . The first backend? available small reference is ref. 75. Soft she sent promptly in the Newsroom; She was so new that she came with American plugs.

Audio Research reference 75: function

The rest of the package was fascinated by all the more. With the use of the VU-meter, audio research goes a decisive step back? ck: cathode has something homely, beautiful; that watch the VU Meter from the 70s ideal. And at the reference 75 they are not only chic but also still virtually, because you can set the optimal Bias value of the power tubes with their help.

The U.S. developer on the KT-120 types from the Russian provider of Tung-Sol trust this power tubes. In the run reference 75 per a few selected tubes in Push-pull operation. Under tube freaks is the KT 120 as a rather rustic vigorously for audiophile fine. Wrongly. Stereoplay tests have shown, it sounds like in small amps with small power supplies only mediocre. The power supply has enough power, this tube is sonically very difficult to beat.

One can safely assume that Audio Research – with 75 employees the largest tube high end manufacturer of world – know exactly these circumstances. The power supply is sufficient, on the other hand was a combination of “Ultralinear”- and the developed research of patented “partially cathode coupled” topology of audio.

With this combination, so wait, “the AR units are the conventional pentode or triode – operation u? programmer”. But above all, the American Tickle lots of fine tubes-Watt from new reference 75. Stereoplay laboratory identified 45 watts into 4 Ohms and 30 watt fu? r 8-ohm speakers. This is very neat, especially since the transformer were not as big as I would have thought it. But never mind, because in the hearing test, lack of performance at no time was an issue.

Audio Research reference 75: hearing test

A directly coupled JFET with a single 6H30-Treiberröhre (identical with the ECC 88) per channel can be found in the entry level of reference 75. The tube as well as the combination is regarded as very low noise, what we could immediately understand in the listening test: zero signal rest prevailed only once.

As the first CD rotated, she then gave back the full sound panorama. Terrific from the first moment. Everything came with power and juice. The individual voices of the Saxon vocal ensemble carried the 75er with great clarity, mixed with a rarely heard Netu? verbosity. I was sitting there and was taken. A look to the colleagues – they agreed: this is great art. But how is the 75er, when performance is required, when approximately Yello with ‘The Expert’ demand very much deep bass?

The AR was also approved. The Ktema by Franco Serblin as also on the working reference B & W 802 diamond came the bass cuts with much of Schmacke and Raven Black. Only at extreme volume the contours began to soften anything. Yet it all sounded so good that we reached to the top in the reference shelf: to the octave Monos MRE 220. But showed the audio research discreetly their limits on – because they exact drew to the contours and in the heights celebrated those fine print solution is currently only our Reference power amplifiers.

Yet the new audio is sound research a stunner: earthy, warm, neutral, wonderful space and fine drawing. The rather gentle heights will find quite a few audiophile anyway as a better, more enjoyable.

The reference 75 under 10,000 euros in any case has little serious competition.

From the measurement lab

The clanking history shows the class of the REF. 75: in particular the important component k2 (black line) runs perfectly linear. Another peculiarity is their performance: on the 8-ohm terminals provide nearly twice as much power as fur 4 Ohms. Also fur a tube out of character: the lower the impedance, the higher the performance. Into 3 ohms, it makes uber 50 Watts (into 8-ohm tapping).