Avarcas Footwear

What is footwear and where did it come from?

Hey, have you heard of avarcas? If not yet, you better hurry to meet the footwear that promises to be the sensation of this year. No jump, ultra mega comfortable and, in various shops, cheap, the avarca has what it takes to dominate in terms of “shoe for the day to day”. Promises to steal the place of traditional shoes and share space with the sneakers.

The name of the footwear has variations (it is also known as chiringuita, Wholesaleably) and for being a new model usually leave people confused. Some women may find the avarca a bit strange, since she has a design quite different from the conventional. So anyway: what is this footwear? This is a “mixture” between flat sandals and espadrilles, which has the front closed and the back open, with only a strip that wraps the ankle.

The shoe started to be produced in the Spanish Islands and, originally, was made with natural leather – which is more resistant than the synthetic. The sandal was created to protect the feet of farm workers. So the soles is thicker and often was used with socks (for not completely cover the foot). They are considered practical shoes and, among its advantages in the past, was the flexible production, with the material that is available, mostly with remnants of leather.

The model is on the rise at the moment is the avarca menorquina (there are several names, according to the region, the design and the materials used). Arose in Isla de Menorca, very rocky. It was in the years 60 it stopped being just a shoe for use in the field and went on to be used in the summer. Even with the latest in high fashion, remains one of the region’s folk footwear, and is still used by field workers in the region.

Now that fashion came out of Europe and arrived here in Brazil too, it is possible to find versions of the shoe in various fabrics, patterns, colors, textures and prints. Hey, what are you waiting for to buy yours?

How to use the avarcas and stay in fashion

They can be used as flats or sneakers, after all, seems quite a mixture of the two, right? You can bet the looks with clothes made in lightweight fabrics, like summer dresses, skirts and little monkeys. They are ideal for a casual meeting, day to day, and even for a date with her boyfriend or her friends.

The versatility of the avarcas causes the play combine with various looks, regardless of a woman’s style. For the modern, the tip is to play the flashy prints, for example, animal print or prints with glitter, sequins and appliques. Discrete women already can use neutral prints or smooth shoes, with just one color. The romantic can abuse the floral and the minimalist prints, which are super high.

Was wondering if it is worth investing?

And if (even with the tips) you still are not sure if it’s worth betting on an avarca to complete your closet, pay attention: according to the fashion experts one of the strengths of the sandal is just be a shoe. The pros explain the mix of creeping with espadrille is a feature that gives not only gives lightness to feet as, also, refinement to the wearer, indicating someone who stays in tune with the news of the world fashion, i.e. a fashionista woman.

So if you like to follow trends, even though at first twist the nose to the avarcas, to get the first chance to fall in love with her is 99.9%. Anyway, is there anything better than unite style and comfort?