Aviator Sunglasses: New Models

The sunglasses do not have value only for health. The aesthetic force that these accessories have is awesome, being able to change any look, making the elegant person or stripped, beautiful and even sexy. In summer or winter days, they are the perfect bet to protect your eyes from the Sun’s rays, while they give an up in visual. In all seasons, is enormous curiosity for new proposals from national and international brands. It is also great to wait for the accessories arrive at stores. Last year, we saw that was widely used a model that is among the most dear: the Aviator glasses.

Aviator Sunglasses: New Models

So if you can understand, fashion Aviator sunglasses will continue in high and has no date to leave. It is not for less. This model is in favour of virtually all types of face, whether men or women. Visual male becomes even more impressive with the Aviator. Women, on the other hand, gets a touch of strength and attitude, when opting for him. Are really timeless models.

Aviator Glasses Models

The traditional style of Aviator sunglasses is characterised by larger lenses, by a straight line, between the eyes and the sides more waiting, beyond the bottom large, covering almost all the cheekbone. The stems are usually thin, making an interesting contrast with the lenses. A few years ago, however, they went through some subtle changes. Of course you can still find the traditional Aviator glasses, because he never got out of line, on behalf of the people who prefer to use classical stuff.

Today, there are models with smaller lenses (which increased the use by female audience), thicker rods (some have even prints) and varied colors.Last year, it was a fever using mirrored Aviator glasses. Were not few ordinary people and celebrities to adopt this style. There were also colourful mirrored that awakened love in some, but hatred in others, that they thought cheesy. The changes remain, but the essence of the lost Aviator.

New Aviator Glasses Models

Continue the subtle adjustments to the new models of Aviator glasses. The colored lenses, but no longer mirrored, are appearing, the lot and promise to become a fever. Thicker stems and with modern finishes are also being adapted to the Aviator style. All this for the model even more fans because, win often, a small change of the accessory can make it suitable to the most diverse environments. Brands such as Tritton and Ray Ban already provided in its stores different models of Aviator glasses. The way is to enjoy and start using.