Baby Hygiene Kit

When we get pregnant we enter the wonderful world of baby articles, there is so much beautiful, colorful and cute thing that you want to buy everything.

Baby Hygiene Kit

The truth is that we often end up buying many articles that we just do not use and forget about buying what we need.

First-time moms are the ones who find it harder to buy baby items, we want to buy everything, and we fell in love with a lot and it’s so hard to resist.

Fortunately, childbirth preparation courses, doctors and nurses accompanying pregnancy provide more and more lists of items that are needed for the baby’s earliest days.

What to buy for Baby Hygiene Kit?

The hygiene kit of the baby is used to place all those items you need to have at the time of the hygiene and diaper change of the baby, there are several models, ideally one that matches the place where you will put it, in most times joins changing diapers in the baby’s room.

The simplest kits consist of a tray and 3 pots that are used to store swabs, cottons and other items such as ointments, but there are more elaborate ones.

Apart from these kits to put some articles it is important that you should enrich the kit with toiletries for the baby.

  • Disposable diapers
  • Cotton
  • Swab
  • Alcohol 70%
  • Wipes / wipes
  • Ointment for prevention of rashes
  • Rash ointment
  • Baby bath soap / shower gel
  • Baby oil, sweet almond oil
  • Baby Moisturizing Cream
  • Baby manicure kit with comb or brush, round tip scissors or nail clipper, nasal aspirator.
  • Thermos to moisten the wipes to wipe the tail

Some tips for buying a baby hygiene kit

To save some money be attentive to the promotions of supermarkets and pharmacies, usually make some throughout the year.

Do not buy too many size 1 diapers, depending on the size of the baby, if the baby is born big and chubby will not use this size too long. For the first few days that the navel has not yet fallen, there are diapers with umbilical cutouts so you do not touch this area.

A baby in the first month spends on average 7/8 diapers, so be well prepared.

Currently, some doctors do not recommend the use of alcohol in the navel, and prefer that just keep this zone always dry, will depend a lot on each.

Do not stock creams for the baby, the skin is very fragile and can make allergy, always prefer the creams for sensitive and atopic skin.