Baby Names Trend for 2018

The names of babies, like fashion, suffer trends. see the names trends for 2018. Many future moms like to know the names that will be in vogue to decide the name of your treasure.

Baby Names Trend for 2018

The choice of the baby’s name is something very personal, it is up to parents this important decision. The name is something that accompanies us throughout our lives. Something that identifies us.

The choice of name is also very cultural, which varies from country to country.

In Portugal there is a list of permitted names, prospective parents should choose names from this list. In Brazil, freedom is total.

In the choice of names are more and more parents who are guided by their meaning. Others opt for names that the famous put to their children, many popular names are names of babies that actresses and singers have chosen for their children.

Names of babies that are going up is 2018

When choosing your child’s name you should take into account your pronunciation and the way you spell it. Difficult to pronounce and write difficult things in our daily lives. Very strange names can lead to bullying at school.

Regardless of fashions there are names that are always in vogue. They are traditional names like João, José, Maria, Ana … They are names used of simple form or composed, completing another name with Maria Francisca, Ana Luiza, Jose Antony and João Gabriel. These names continue to be part of the choice of many parents.

Boy Names for 2018

  • Enzo- Winner.
  • Luke- The Enlightened One
  • Henry the Lord of the home.
  • Eduardo- Guardian of riches.
  • Rafael- Healed by God.
  • Matthew – Gift from God.
  • Theodore- Divine gift.
  • Antônio- Valioso
  • Gael- O generous.
  • Gabriel – Messenger of God.

Girl Names for 2018

  • Yasmin- Scented flower.
  • Helena- A resplendent.
  • Camila – Messenger of the gods.
  • Laura- Triumphant.
  • Ana- Full of grace.
  • Ester- Star
  • Sofia- Wisdom.
  • Letícia- Happiness.
  • Gabriela- Fortaleza de Deus

There are thousands of options, this is undoubtedly one of the most important choices of the future parents. Make a conscious choice.

Make a list of the names you like best, repeat several times until you find the options that you like. Do not be afraid to change, many parents change their name at the time of birth, wait to see the baby’s face before making the final decision.

Share your choice.