Baby Strollers: The Criteria To Choose

We bring you all the information you need before buying a baby carriage for your child: the appropriate age, the characteristics, the correct usage rules and the criteria for your choice.

When the baby is born, the egg is the ideal means of transportation. Later, when he begins to sit still, the baby can now use the stroller, from which he takes a broader view of the world around him.

Any time is good to buy, but when you do, you should consider whether it is appropriate to the child’s age and when to start using it.

From what age can the stroller be used?

– After the first four months, we can already sit the child in his stroller , as long as he remains lying down or slightly raised.Make sure your back is firmly supported by the backrest.The most suitable models to ensure the comfort and safety of the child are those that are made of rigid materials, well lined and with the reclining backrest.

-You also need to think about the season when the baby will use your cart for the first time. In the cold months, it is advisable to have a model with high side and padded sides to protect it. On the contrary, if the temperature rises, a lighter, more functional and practical model for parents will be preferable.

– You can use the stroller until the child is two or three years old, then a second stroller lighter and more suitable for transporting a bigger child is advisable.

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Criteria for choosing the stroller

When choosing a stroller should take into account the various features that ensure the comfort and safety of the child.

– The weight and size of the child. Some baby carriages are intended for the younger ones, while others, lighter, can be used up to four years.

– The chair should be safe and stable. To confirm this, recline the backrest as far as possible and press hard on the child’s head, checking that the front wheels do not lift.

– The retention belts must be strong and with good finishes so that the child does not get hurt.

– The brakes should stop the cart fully , locking and unlocking the lock quickly with the foot.

– Take into account your type of needs : this purchase may vary depending on the floor in which the cart will be used.This is a factor that can determine the choice of, for example, the type of wheels.The small, rotating wheels are quite suitable for smooth and regular surfaces, such as city tours, and facilitate sudden changes of direction.Umbrella closure chairs often have this kind of wheels.On the other hand, the large wheels adapt perfectly to the book-type chassis, allow easy walking up and down as well as rough and uneven terrain.

– Check the flexibility .If you push the frame downwards by leaning on the handles or handlebars, the chassis should sag and return to its original position.

– The chassis should open and close easily. To prevent accidental closure, the cart must have a double security system.

– The seat must be well stretched and without touching the metal frame at any of its points.

– You also have to take into account the measures of the trolley, both open and closed, to avoid problems such as passing through the doors, the entrance of the elevator or the space available in your luggage.

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Folding type of pushchairs

The types of folding currently on the market are as follows:

– Folding in umbrella .It takes up very little space when the chassis is closed (it fits perfectly in the luggage compartment of the car), is lightweight (around 6 kg) and easy to maneuver.

– Telescopic bending .These seats are very comfortable thanks to the wider seat and although they weigh more (6 to 8kg) they are easy to maneuver.

– Folding type book (in compass or flat) .They are usually the models of trolleys convertible into strollers.However, they are generally heavier compared to other models, as they have larger wheels and handlebars.

Types of baby carriage brakes

– Pedal brakes . Trolleys with umbrella closure usually have this type of brake located on the rear wheels. Some models have a single brake / unlock pedal, which acts simultaneously on the two rear wheels; Others, on the contrary, have an independent pedal to lock and another to unlock.

– Wheel brakes .They are usually mounted on the book-folded chassis.The brake operates on both wheels at the same time with a foot pressure.

– Disc brakes .They usually appear in the more sporty models, with large and pneumatic wheels.The brake acts on the front wheels and braking is immediate.

Rules for the correct use of the baby carriage

– Always fasten the seat belt to the baby when you carry it on the seat.

– Do not hang objects on the handlebar.

– If the wheelchair has a basket or a storage bag, it should be located in the rear, in a low position, and should never be overloaded.

– The safety device that prevents the chair from closing accidentally must be securely fastened.When opening and closing, keep your child away from the frame to prevent your fingers from getting caught.

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